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#75 - Chris Crane

Name: Chris Crane
Number: 75
D.O.B. 16/06/1991
Hometown: Farnborough
Married/ Family: Single and open to offers
Profession: Trainee HGV Driver
Honours: None yet but hopefully to change soon
Favourite Track: Hard to pick but have to say with a few more cars its Great Yarmouth
Most Feared Opponent: Spedeworth
Idols From the Past: Dave Longhurst, John Steward, Andy ‘Crasher’ Crane & Luke 'Slasher' Stonehouse
Idols From the Present: Diggy Smith, Mark Paffey, Carl Boardley
Most Memorable Race: A hard one but it has to be my first race win at my first meeting at Eastbourne in the pouring rain
Other Classes Raced in: The junior class back on the grass and a couple of appearances in a ministox
Other Hobbies: No time for other hobbies unless you class drinking and women as hobbies
Thanks To: Mum, Dad, Alex, Richard, Luke, Kayleigh, Toni, Rob Dance, Mark Paffey, Redline Race Engines, Terry Norris, Niall and my #1 fan Ellie-Anne



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