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Added: 21 May 2015
Hoosier Booking List Ipswich 25/05

26 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 7 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Ipswich on Bank Holiday Monday.
Damon Wellman currently leads the series from Dan Bennett and Tyler Wilkin. The racing starts at 2pm.

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Added: 05 May 2015
McMillan powerboats to victory

It was a horrendous evening weather wise at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday night, but all the drivers coped admirably with the heavy rain to entertain the fans. Local favourite Adam Hylands back on track in his usual Saxo, with Antrim's Stephen Emerson also back in harness after suspension.

Kells ace Derek McMillan took the opening victory of the night, holding off Hylands and Jack Boal at the flag. World Champion Shane Murray had the bit between his teeth in the second heat, powering through from the back for a sublime win on the treacherous track. McMillan again impressed in second ahead of Adam Heatrick and Lee McCracken.

Ryan McClure set the early pace in the final, before McMillan edged by after 8 laps to take the lead. A huge places scrap led by Boal and Heatrick allowed McMillan to pull well clear, and he took the flag in some style to book a rise to the red grade for the next meeting. Mark Madill eventually got the best of the scrap for second, with Boal and Emerson next across the line.

Report with thanks to Darren Black


2.0 Hot Rods
Heat One: 944 Derek McMillan, 54, 993, 923, 941, 984, 921, 976, 931, 342.
Heat Two: 70 Shane Murray, 944, 342, 921, 993, 984, 976, 923, 931, 54.
Final: 944 Derek McMillan, 931 Mark Madill, 993 Jack Boal, 923, 54, 342, 976, 984, 941, 70.

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Added: 05 May 2015
Paul Wright is 2015 Midland Champion

At a sunny Northampton on 03/05/15 Paul Wright successfully defended the Midland Championship. The rain stopped as we arrived and the track staff worked hard to clear the water off the track. Heat 1 was won by Paul Wright with Mark Paffey taking Heat 2.
Gavin Botfield was on pole with Paul Wright alongside for the Midland Championship. After the rolling start the front two were side by side for the first lap with Paul then taking the lead. Mark Paffey made his way into second place and tried to chase down Paul, but there was always a three car length gap between them. By the flag the front two had a lead by the length of the straight. Dan Smith worked his way up to third. The weather was kind to us for once,as it started to rain as we all loaded up.


Heat 1:43 Paul Wright,75,303,310,8,745,5,3,566,151
Heat 2:60 Mark Paffey,67,330,565,48,280,93,11,31,303
Midland championship: 43 Paul Wright,60 Mark Paffey,565 Dan Smith,67,8,75,48,280,3,31

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Added: 01 May 2015
Midland Championship Booking List

A full grid of 30 Hot Rods are booked in to contest the Midland Championship at Northampton on Sunday 03/05/15. This meeting also counts as Round 6 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series. The action starts at 1.30pm.

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Added: 27 Apr 2015
Thompson takes two at Tullyroan

Scottish visitor Gordon Alexander and returnee Adam Best helped swell the ranks of the 2.0 Hot Rods, but nobody had any answer to local man Gareth Thompson who swept to a fine win in the opening heat over Derek McMillan and Jack Boal. There was a great battle for the places between Mervyn Emerson, Mark Madill and Irish Champion Joel Richardson which kept the crowd on their toes.

Heat two saw a very popular win for Lee McCracken, who is back in harness this year following a year out after some rotten luck back in 2012 and 2013. Lee held his nerve despite the advances of runner up Best, with World Champion Shane Murray in third. Richardson found the wrath of the Steward on a number of occasions in this one for contact and starting in an incorrect grid position, and was duly excluded from the result.

Co. Waterford's Pat Casey was the first to show in the final, but Thompson wasted little time in powering through to the lead. Gareth had his former Wayne Woolsey machine performing very well, and easily came through to the win over Dungannon man Sean Dynes and Boal. The rapid Mark Madill was next up ahead of Murray and Best at the end of three exciting and frantic races from the Hot Rods.

Report with Thanks to Darren Black


Heat One: 929 Gareth Thompson, 944, 993, 999, 959, 924, 931, 976, 984, 70.
Heat Two: 921 Lee McCracken, 959, 70, 929, 931, 984, 914, 935, 943, 999.
Final: 929 Gareth Thompson, 984 Sean Dynes, 993 Jack Boal, 931, 70, 959, 976, 914, 342, 943.

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Added: 23 Apr 2015
Damo takes Hoosier R5 Yarmouth 19/4

Damon Wellman carried on from where he left off in the previous round by winning Heat 1 and the final at Yarmouth on 19/04/15. Chris Harvey also had a good day by winning Heat 2 and taking second in Heat 1 and the final. Tyler Wilkin took third in the final.


Heat 1: 8 Damon Wellman,3,566,745,38,60,186,330,48,303
Heat 2: 3 Chris Harvey,8,186,745,60,330,566,48,303,4
Final: 8 Damon Wellman, 3 Chris Harvery, 330 Tyler Wilkin,745,48,303,566,NOF.

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Added: 23 Apr 2015
Close Racing at Lochgelly

Scotland’s William Hill took a fine win in heat one before Francis Rafferty claimed the trophy for heat two for Northern Ireland. The feature final was a fast-paced race which saw a resurgent Kenny Purdie take victory ahead of compatriots Graeme Callander and Gill Anderson.


Heat One
251 William Hill, 987, 26, 999, 871, 11, 90, 944, 928, 75.

Heat Two
987 Francis Rafferty, 17, 251, 999, 944, 900, 10, 70, 75, 662.

17 Kenny Purdie, 871 Graeme Callander, 999 Gill Anderson, 987, 251, 10, 71, 900, 70, 54.

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Added: 16 Apr 2015
Hoosier Booking List Yarmouth 19/04/15

12 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 5 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Yarmouth on 19/04/15. George Turiccki currently leads the series with Damon Wellman and Daniel Bennett in joint second. The racing starts at 5.30pm.

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Added: 15 Apr 2015
Tipperary Results 5/4/2015

A growing Formula at Tipperary Raceway with more cars to come as the season progresses, race results are in the MyLaps link below

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Added: 14 Apr 2015
Murray starts 2015 in style

The 2015 Northern Ireland season saw debuts for a number of new cars, including World and National Champion Shane Murray's RCE Peugeot 106, Jason Devlin's Corsa and Francie Rafferty's Tigra, whilst there were also class debuts for Dean McFarland and Gary Thompson.

Star grader Mark Madill was the man on the move in the opening heat, and he saw a hard winter in the workshop pay dividends with a thoroughly deserved heat one success after a sublime drive through the field. Adam Hylands, in the borrowed McMillan Tigra, took the runner up slot ahead of Stuart Cochrane and Jack Boal.

Boal made no mistake in heat two, demoting early pacesetter McFarland at half distance to take the victory. Birthday boy Mervyn Emerson celebrated in second spot, ahead of Philip Beattie in his newly rebuilt Saxo.

McFarland again led the opening laps of the final, only for Sean Dynes to displace him once again at the half way stage. Sean soon had Murray all over his rear end whilst Adam Heatrick was also impressing in third. Murray was finding it difficult to find a way past Dynes despite repeated blue flags for the leader, but with the lap boards out Dynes hit problems which gifted the lead to the multi-champion. Murray coasted out the final laps to record a debut win for his new mount, and send some very ominous signals to his rivals with much more development still to come from the superbly presented machine. Heatrick, Emerson and Cochrane were the placemen.

Report with thanks to Darren Black


Heat One: 931 Mark Madill, 54, 979, 993, 976, 70, 990, 342, 935, 988.
Heat Two: 993 Jack Boal, 924, 935, 70, 931, 976, 979, 914, 984, 921.
Final: 70 Shane Murray, 342 Adam Heatrick, 924 Mervyn Emerson, 979, 988, 976, 914, 921, 943, 987.

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Added: 07 Apr 2015
Damo takes Hoosier R4 Aldershot 5/4

At a dry sunny Aldershot on Easter Sunday, we contested Round 4 of the Hoosier Racing Tire series.
Chris Harvey came through to win heat 1 from the yellow grade. Deane Wood held a drivers' meeting in the pits after Heat 1 and much to our surprise rather than the usual telling off he congratulated us on the clean driving!!
Marc Crome won heat 2 in another clean race.
After a few laps to clean the track, the final was at a fast pace with Damon Wellman taking the win from a promoted Dan Smith after George Turricki and Scott Morgan were excluded for incorrect tyre sheets. Chris Harvey was docked two places for contact so was third. A bit more damage in the final but another good meeting with no cautions.


Heat 1: 3 Chris Harvey,146,566,186,8,745,30,43,565,303
Heat 2: 566 Marc Crome,38,275,8,3,186,745,565,48,330
Final: 8 Damon Wellman,565 Dan Smith, 3 Chris Harvey,48,330,60,11,280,275,566

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Added: 02 Apr 2015
Hoosier Booking List Aldershot 05/04/15

21 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 4 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Aldershot on Easter Sunday. The action starts at 1pm.

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Added: 23 Mar 2015
Tyler Wilkin takes Hoosier R3 Wimbledon

At a dry Wimbledon on 22/03/15 Tyler Wilkin carried in from where he left off in the previous round by winning the final from George Turricki and Daniel Bennett.
Tyler also won Heat 1 by holding off Daniel Bennett in the closing stages in what was a good race.
Tyler also crossed the line first in Heat 2 but was harshly excluded from the race for spinning out the then leader Dalton Scarlett. From where I was standing, Tyler clearly had the inside line 3/4 of the way down the straight, Dalton then turned across the front of him half way round the corner and spun himself. On the upside at least Tyler remained in the yellow grade for the final!! Damon Wellman then inherited the win.


Heat 1: 330 Tyler Wilkin,745,39,8,30,565,43,31,186,3
Heat 2: 8 Damon Wellman,745,186,566,39,565,303,43,31,30
Final: 330 Tyler Wilkin,186 George Turricki,745 Daniel Bennett,39,565,43,3,566,303,30

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Added: 19 Mar 2015
Hoosier Booking List Wimbledon 22/03/15

17 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 3 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Wimbledon on 22/03/15.
George Turiccki currently leads the series from Tyler Wilkin and Daniel Bennett. With the Classic Hot Rods racing as well this is a meeting not to be missed, the action starts at 5.30pm.

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Added: 09 Mar 2015
Tyler Wilkin takes Hoosier R2 Ipswich

At a dry Ipswich on 7/3/15 Tyler Wilkin won the final in fine style from Dalton Scarlett and Robert Ashman. Tyler also crossed the line first in Heat 2 but was docked 2 places for pushing the leader Dalton Scarlett out wide.
George Turicki won both the heats from the yellow grade so was put to the front of the blue for the final.
From what I saw it was a clean night's racing and without any stoppages! Mark Paffey looked the fastest out there, now with wishbones on his car, he described his car as "magnificent" after the final.


Heat 1: 186 George Turicki,330,78,275,381,8,566,565,60,30
Heat 2: 186 George Turicki,78,330,745,565,60,310,8,75,381
Final: 330 Tyler Wilkin,78 Dalton Scarlett,151 Robert Ashman,186,381,8,745,565,43,60

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