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Added: 30/12/09
Woolsey in Winter Wonderland

With the recent snow and ice thankfully having cleared in time to allow racing to go ahead, the Ulster 2 Litre Hot Rods contested their annual ‘off-season’ fixture at Nuttscorner Oval on Sunday December 27th. Even with the draw of World Qualifying points some chose to give it a miss, but there were still 18 cars present in the pits for the action. Clive Wilson headed the solitary heat from flag to flag from the yellow grade. Those behind were closing in towards the end, but Clive held on for the win from Philip Beatty and top star grader Davy Clarke, whilst former Irish Champion Glenn McDowell was more than glad to register fourth spot after a torrid season starting from the rear of the line up. When the green flag fell on the Cirrus Plastics-sponsored final, the whole star grade slithered off as one on the horrendously difficult track. Three abreast, sideways, on the kerbs and grass – it was all happening in the opening couple of laps!!! Wilson again held sway from the yellows, with this time Jonny McMillan, at the wheel of brother Ronnie’s car, was giving chase. All eyes were further back though, as World Champion Wayne Woolsey was on a mission from the reds, despite being in the unfamiliar Mark Madill Peugeot 205 for this meeting. He had mastered the conditions perfectly, and at 2/3rds distance swept past McMillan for the lead, having disposed of the rest at will using both lines. European Champion Andy Best was equally good value too, working his way through to an excellent second by the end, ahead of McMillan and Wilson.


Heat: 945 Clive Wilson, 935, 995, 13, 949, 50, 925, 900, 70, 957.
Final: 50 Wayne Woolsey, 949, 44, 945, 13, 941, 54, 342, 70, 925.

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Added: 22/11/09
Cooper Takes Best in Britain

Heat 1 Starting Grid: Pole:197 Second:30 third:43 Fourth:72 Fifth:31 Sixth:75 Seventh:308 Eighth: 60 Result: 1st:197 2nd:43 3rd:308 4th:75 5th:72 6th:303 7th:10 8th:31 9th:82 10th:110 Heat 2 Starting Grid: Pole:306 Second:412 third:22 Fourth:101 Fifth:204 Sixth:310 Seventh:304 Eighth: 199 Result: 1st:412 2nd:304 3rd:310 4th:110 5th:199 6th:101 7th:87 8th:308 9th:22 10th:82 Best In Britain Final Starting Grid: Pole:308 Second:110 third:43 Fourth:310 Fifth:304 Sixth:197 Seventh:412 Eighth: 75 Nineth:199 Tenth:87 Eleventh:72 Twelfth:101 Result: 1st:308 2nd:110 3rd:43 4th:10 5th:303 6th:197 7th:82 8th:60 9th:72 10th:304 Cooper led the final from start to finish, the top 3 pulled away from the rest of the pack. All racing at a similar fast pace the top 3 battled it out for the first 7 laps. But Cooper seems to gain speed and started to build a gap between him and a chasing Wilks in second, and Wright in third. However Cooper picked his way through the back markers well and cruised home to take a well deserved victory, followed by Wilks and Wright. After 2 DNF in the heats Paffey started last car coming through to take a good 8th postion. A good final to end a good years racing! See you all in the new year. Lucy


Heat 1 - 197, 43, 308, 75, 72, 303, 10, 31, 82, 110
Heat 2 - 412, 304, 310, 110, 199, 101, 87, 308, 22, 82
Final - 308, 110, 43, 10, 303, 197, 82, 60, 72, 304

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Added: 2/11/09
Nuttscorner Oval 31/10/09

Despite the points finishing the previous week, numbers remained high in the 2 Litre Hot Rods, where Derek martin and Wayne McClure's splendid Saxo shared the heats. Martin was first across the line in the final, but was docked two places for earlier contact on Adam Hylands, leaving delighted veteran campaigner Davy Potter to record his first feature race win in many moons.


Heat One: 920 Derek Martin, 941, 70, 933, 975, 342, 957, 982, 935, 50.
Heat Two: 941 Wayne McClure, 988, 54, 50, 975, 944, 982, 933, 342, 920.
Final: 975 Davy Potter, 982, 920, 941, 944, 54, 902, 50, 957, 342.

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