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Added: 30/8/11
McCracken's First Final

Lee McCracken took his first final win in the 2 Litre Hot Rods at Nuttscorner Oval on Sunday 28th of August.

The 2 Litre’s are still getting good numbers, and 23 cars took to the grid for heat one. Cochrane led most of the race and looked to have it in the bag until he pulled out with what looked like suspension damage as the lap boards came out, this handed the lead and the win to Mark Madhill, Mervyn Crawford took second with Sean Dynes third.
Heat two seen a popular win for Vince Campbell who led the race from lights to flag and was kept honest by Lee McCracken throughout, Feargal McNally took third after Wayne McClure had occupied the spot for most of the race before pulling out late on.
Lee McCracken built on his earlier heat second, to take the win in the final, which included a mid race stoppage after Adam Heatrick was spun by Wayne Woolsey and became stranded on the kerb on the inside of turn 3. Woolsey was black flagged for his part in the incident. From the restart McCracken broke away while the rest of the field negotiated passing Davy Potter who lay in second at the time. Cochrane eventfully took second with Crawford third.


Heat One: 931 Mark Madill, 957, 984, 921, 988, 941, 54, 935, 342, 955.
Heat Two: 983 Vince Campbell, 921, 988, 931, 975, 933, 54, 903, 920, 982.
Final: 921 Lee McCracken, 979, 957, 984, 941, 70, 54, 935, 920, 997.

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Added: 23/8/11
Payne's Aldershot Final

Aldershot saw 18 cars turn up for the meeting on Sunday 21st of August.
Dan smith took the first heat win coming through from the blues to continue his run of good results of late.
As well as Billy Clarke who took heat 2, another driver who has been clocking up those wins recently.
Good drives from Danny Fiske and Paul Wright from the back of the grid also got them some well deserved results.

The Final drive of the day was won by Dan Payne a person who definatly deserved some luck.
Dan got out in front and got a good lead, leaving the rest of the pack to fight it out.
The final was a very tough race with 65 Willis getting disqualified for contact and black crosses flying around everywhere.


Heat 1 - 565 Dan Smith, 162, 22, 43, 65, 304, 306, 626, 310, 39.
Heat 2 - 537 Billy Clarke, 22, 565, 304, 65, 43, 162, 8, 7, 29.
Final - 22 Dan Payne, 2 Andy Collins, 29 Duane Peacock, 565, 304, 306, 7, 8, 537, 626.

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Added: 18/8/11
Miller Takes Yarmouth Final, While Willis Rises to the Challenge

Tommy Miller took the final win at Yarmouth Stadium on Sunday 14th of August following two heat wins by Lewis Shelley.
At the same meeting Mark Willis took the honours in the pit stop challenge race.


Heat 1 - 118 Lewis Shelley, 537, 72, 543, 65, 304, 306, 39, 2, 182.
Heat 2- 118 Lewis Shelley, 306, 543, 96, 304, 72, 39, 2, 537, 626.
Final - 543 Tommy Miller, 2 Andy Collins, 304 Danny Fiske, 182, 306, 537, 118, NOF.
Pit Stop Challenge - 65 Mark Willis, 304, 118, 543, 626, NOF.

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Added: 15/8/11
Woolsey Crowned King Of Nuttscorner

Former World Champion Wayne Woolsey showed the field a clean pair of heels to land the 2.0 Hot Rods King of Nuttscorner title in emphatic style at Nuttscorner Oval on Sunday 14th August. Irish Champion Derek Martin drew first blood when he landed the win in the opening heat ahead of impressive returnee Mark Madill, with final winner last time out Petie Donnelly in third. Heat two was all about a fired up Woolsey though, as he cut through to the lead from grid slot seven to grab a fine win, and also absolutely smash his own lap record to pieces at the same time.

Few would have bet against Woolsey for the final, but a short rain shower left the track very treacherous indeed, ironically exactly as it had for the same event a year previously. Woolsey tip-toed off in the lead, trying desperately to make no mistakes on the tricky raceway and keep European Champion Denver McLean at bay, with Martin also well in contention. Things were close at the front for sure, before they were all brought under caution when Wayne McClure and Mervyn Crawford clashed on the home straight. Woolsey led them off once again on a drying track, but despite an early challenge from McLean, Wayne was off and running once he had fully assessed the track conditions. He pulled steadily clear all the way to the flag to land a resounding success, and celebrated in fine style with a series of home straight donuts!! Andrew Murray had briefly challenged for second, but fell down the order to leave Martin in second and Shane Murray third at the chequers.


Heat One: 920 Derek Martin, 931, 926, 903, 50, 54, 935, 70, 342, 982.
Heat Two: 50 Wayne Woolsey, 903, 997, 941, 957, 982, 975, 54, 70, 925.
2011 King of Nuttscorner Final: 1st 50 Wayne Woolsey, 2nd 920 Derek Martin, 3rd 70 Shane Murray, 342, 54, 935, 997, 926, 931, 63.

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Added: 16/8/11
Smith takes Proudlock Trophy

Dan Smith took the Sally Proudlock Trophy ay Arlington on Wednesday 10th August.
Only 14 cars turned up for the midweek meeting.
With heats wins from Willis and Crome, Smith managed to battle through to take ther final win.

Heat 1 - 65 Mark Willis, 565, 566, 8, 304, 537, 31, 310, 197, 39.
Fastest Lap-Billy Clarke 15.170

Heat 2 - 566 Marc Crome, 537, 65, 565, 197, 39, 306, 304, 310, NOF. (7 Moss Disqualified)
Fastest Lap- Colin Moss 15.136

Sally Proudlock Trophy Final - 565 Daniel Smith, 537 Billy Clarke, 7 Collin Moss, 197, 8, 31, 304, 306, 65, 475.
Fastest Lap- Will Reed 15.370


Heat 1 - 65 Mark Willis, 565, 566, 8, 304, 537, 31, 310, 197, 39.
Heat 2 - 566 Marc Crome, 537, 65, 565, 197, 39, 306, 304, 310, NOF.
Sally Proudlock Trophy Final - 565 Daniel Smith, 537 Billy Clarke, 7 Collin Moss, 197, 8, 31, 304, 306, 65, 475.

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Added: 7/8/11
Donnelly Wins at Nuttscorner

With the world final and the speedweekend now behind us, things almost seemed a little subdued at Nuttscorner Oval on Saturday 6th August.
A number of top drivers were missing but thankfully there was a number of drivers who hadn't competed in the Speedweekend racing, which helped get the numbers up to 21 for the opening heat which went the way of Wayne McClure. Adam Hylands' recent run of form continued as he took the second heat.
The final proved to be one of the best races of the night with Lee McCracken leading them off and building a comfortable lead as the res of the field struggles to round yellow grader Davy Potter. McCracken pulled away as the field bunched up, with Petie Donnelly the first to make the break past the 975 car. Donnelly gained ground lap after lap soon catching McCracken with Derek Martin now also past Potter and giving chase to the lead pair. Such was the rate that Martin closed them down, as Donnelly got through to take the lead, Martin moved past McCracken to take the second spot. Donnelly did enough to hold on in the closing stage with Martin reamining in close quarters. Hylands came through to third with McCracken holding on to take fourth.


Heat One: 941 Wayne McClure, 964, 926, 50, 54, 921, 903, 982, 931, 970.
Heat Two: 54 Adam Hylands, 918, 50, 921, 935, 920, 982, 975, 941, 931.
Final: 926 Petie Donnelly, 920, 54, 921, 918, 50, 903, 941, 931, 935.

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Added: 31/7/11
Willis Wins at Foxhall

Ipswich 30/7/11
Meeting opened with Will Reed doing his Parade lap with his car, family, and showing off his World Champion winning Trophy!

Heat 1
24 Cars started in graded order with newcomers Joe Jackson and Craig Shelley on the front row.
From the off the newcomers still finding their feet in 2 litres struggled, and the yellow and blue grade drivers were on them straightaway.
75 Chris Crane in his new Saxo- ex steve spiers car, pulled off only 5 laps in, 151 had taken the lead.
Robert Ashman in the 151 car was trying hard to fend off the 566 car of marc crome, and couldnt hold him off, with Crome taking the lead.
10 laps in saw a 3 abreast challenge involving 65, 543, and 151 along the back straight, 65 coming worse off and getting spun out of the race.
As the laps ticked off 151 and 543 continued battling with one another, only for them to take each other out on the Di's Diner turn, putting themselves out of the running.
The yellows came out for this incident and on the restart 566 was still leading, followed by 31 Jowers ,and 118 L.Shelley.
With 5 laps to go 31 squeezed his way through in to the lead, with 43 Wright and 306 Reed having a great battle in 4th.
As the chequered flag came out Jowers crossed the line in first but was later docked for contact.

Result: 118(Lewis Shelley), 566, 31X2, 43, 306, 7, 304, 197, 162, 39
Fastest lap: Danny Fiske- 15.609

Heat 2
Started graded order.
Heat 2 was quite an uneventful race, with many of the cars unable to get through on the outside due to the greasy and dusty track.
162 Paul trimmer led 5 laps in, followed by 31 and then 118.
116 John Smith and car 8 Damo came together with damo sent spinning.
65 Willis, 43 Wright, and 304 Fiske were having a good battle near the back of the field.
306 the world champion pulled off with a very sick sounding car.
When the chequered flag came out 162 Trimer took the win having lead the whole race.

Result: 162(Trimmer), 31, 118, 72, 96, 566, 65, 304, 543,43
Fastest Lap: Danny Fiske- 15.624

Started Graded order.
Just as the green flag was about to drop, 475 Paul Kaynes had to be pushed to the safety of the infield as a non starter.
So they finally got underway with 72 Goodswen an early casualty, and 31 Jowers making contact on 418 C.Shelley.
8 laps in and Reed had to pull off again, with the car still not sounding healthly, finishing off not a great night for the new world champion.
This was also follwed by 543 miller having to retire with what sounded like engine trouble too.
Willis in 65 had fought his way through to 4th and was looking quick, he rapidly took up the lead in the closing few laps and took the final win of the night.

Result: 65(Willis), 96,118,31,543,162,8,43,7,304,75
Fastest lap: Mark Willis 15.590


Heat 1 - 118 Lewis Shelley, 566, 31, 43, 306, 7, 304, 197, 162, 39.
Heat 2 - 162 Paul Trimmer, 31, 118, 72, 96, 566, 65, 304, 543, 43.
Final - 65 Mark Willis, 96 Kevin Randell, 118 Lewis Shelley, 31, 543, 162, 8, 43, 7, 304.

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Added: 26/7/11
Reed Takes World Title

Will Reed added the World title to his growing list of honours at the Nuttscorner Speedweekend on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of July.
The qualifying heats took place on Saturday night and was always going to be the story of how the grids were going to be formed. Adam Hylands took the opening heat, while Wayne Woolsey came home second ahead of John Christie. Will Reed, Andrew Murray and Richard Poulter had all impressive drives through the field.

While everyone in heat one has their stall set out, it isn’t really until heat two you start to get an idea how things will pan out. Andrew Murray retired with mechanical gremlins while running well up and John Christie had changed an engine between heats and just wasn’t setting the same pace he had done. David McMemeny took the second heat with Adam Heatrick second and Derek Martin third. Woolsey and Hylands had fought through from the back to eleventh and twelfth, and a definite benchmark was set.

The third and final heat took place under the floodlights with Denver McLean leading home Gareth Hagan, after Jason Wilks had run most of the race in second and pulled out in the closing stages. Gary Wilson was third on track after Shane Murray had spent most of the race on his outside door, Wilson was docked 2 places for closing the gap between the groups on the start, thus promoted Shane Murray to third and most significantly Will Reed to fourth, giving him pole for the big race, leaving Hylands, McMenemy and McLean tied for second.

Sunday afternoon was wolrd final time, Will Reed was the pole man, Adam Hylands had drawn the outside front row with McMenemy on the inside of row two and McLean on the outside. Wayne Woolsey was on the third row alongside Shane Murray with Adam Heatrick inside Gareth Hagan on the fourth row and the back of the first group. Defending champion Jason Wilks was in the last group and it looked a definite uphill struggle to do anything from there.
From the off Reed got a good start with Hylands slotting in behind him and putting him under pressure in the first lap before falling down the order allowing McLean through into second and Shane Murray up to third. Wayne Woolsey became the first favoured runner to find themselves on the infield with mechanical problems in the early stages, where he would soon be joined by Jason Wilks, at which stage we knew a new world champion would be crowned.
Shane Murray was soon through to second with McLean in toe, while Reed’s lead increased lap after lap.
Midway through the race Wayne McClure and Sam Holland came together, sending Nigel McCauley into the wall and leaving Holland stranded in the middle of the track, Andrew Murray clipped her spinning him into the wall and the McCauley car, bringing out the yellow flags. At that point Chris Crane was disqualified and loaded for baulking lead drivers. On the restart Reed led Shane Murray with two backmarkers between them, who quickly got out of the road on the restart. While Murray and McLean diced for second Reed was getting away and went on to take a comfortable victory, the battle for second was settled when Sam Holland forced Shane Murray wide as he tried to lap her, which allowed McLean through and up the inside. McLean took second, Murray third, Derek Martin finished fourth with Adam Hylands fifth. The top 5 all sporting the 2litrehotrod.com web address.
Sam Holland finished the race but was also disqualified for baulking the leaders.

Wayne Woolsey demonstrated what could have been by taking the Dash for Cash after a lively battle with Wayne McClure, before Adam Hylands took his second win of the weekend in the Nuttscorner Grand Prix.


Heat One: 54 Adam Hylands, 50, 962, 88, 10, 175, 306, 941, 997, 995.
Heat Two: 918 David McMenemy, 342, 920, 926, 925, 904, 995, 968, 964, 70.
Heat Three: 903 Denver McLean, 955, 70, 306, 982, 988, 8, 933, 75, 31.

2011 World Championship Final: 1st 306 Will Reed, 2nd 903 Denver McLean, 3rd 70 Shane Murray, 920, 54, 933, 982, 88, 926, 342.

Dash4Cash: 50 Wayne Woolsey, 920, 926, 995, 964, 982, 941, 933, 70, 54.
Nuttscorner Grand Prix: 54 Adam Hylands, 70, 982, 342, 50, 75, 964, 961, 88, 984.

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Added: 18/7/11
Heatrick Wins World Warm Up

After a few weeks off, racing returned to Nuttscorner Oval on Saturday 16th of July.
With just a week to go to the Speedweekend and the 2 Litre Hot Rod World final, there was 30 2 Litres in action for the opening heat.
Not surprisingly it wasn’t long before the drama began, in the opening heat Sean Dynes got out of shape on the exit of turn two, collecting oncoming traffic, and when the dust settled Gary Wilson’s car was perched on top of Shane Murray’s and the first stoppage of the evening was required.
After a complete restart Lee McCracken led the opening laps of the race before Wayne McClure came through to take the win. McCracken was second, with Adam Heatrick third.
McCracken took the heat two win ahead of Heatrick and Garry Campbell.
Although car numbers were down for the final, it became another dramatic affair. McCracken led the race early on as the rest of the back bunched up behind Davy Potter. Potter got out of shape going onto the backstraight and after a lap of chaos, several cars ended up on the infield and in the wall, bringing out the yellow flags. After the restart Adam Heatrick went on to take the final win with David McMenemy runner up and Philip Beatty third.


Heat One: 941 Wayne McClure, 921, 342, 918, 933, 935, 70, 903, 997, 968.
Heat Two: 921 Lee McCracken, 342, 933, 962, 903, 941, 964, 935, 70, 50.
Final: 342 Adam Heatrick, 918, 935, 70, 50, 982, 965, 968, 997, 904.

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Added: 3/7/11
McLean Takes European Championship

Denver McLean has won the 2011 European Championship, at the Ipswich Spedeweekend.
Defending Champion Colin Moss was second with Jason Wilks third and Richard Poulter Fourth.

McLean had won the opening qualifying heat with Mark Willis runner up.
In the second heat there was a win for World champion Jason Wilks with Will Reed coming in second.
McLean's results seen him take pole accompanied on the front row by Derek Martin. McLean was held back by the pace car allowing Martin to get the better start. McLean came through to take the lead and wernt on to take the win ahead of defending Champion Colin Moss and Wilks.
On the Sunday Wayne Woolsey took the win in the European Revenge race.

Many thanks to all the drievers who put 2litrehotrod.com stickers on their cars, it was great to see.


Heat 1 - 903 Denver McLean, 65, 920, 565, 310, 31, 175, 39, 918, 88.
Heat 2 - 110 Jason Wilks, 306, 30, 75, 304, 303, 7, 87, 96.
European Championship - 903 Denver McLean, 7 Collin Moss, 110 Jason Wilks, 175, 75, 306, 303, 920, 96, 87.
Euro Revenge - 50 Wayne Woolsey, 43, 54, 88, 935, 96, 918, 10, 39, 7.

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Added: 26/6/11
McClure Dominates as Heatrick Takes Final

Nuttscorner Oval hosted the last meeting for the 2 Litre Hot Rods on Saturday 25th of June before their European Championship.
A healthy turn out of 24 cars took to the track for the opening heat, which seen a victory for Wayne McClure.
The second heat, wasn't without drama as Bradley Dynes tangled with Gareth Hagan early on, bringing out a cuation, while Wayne Woolsey was spun onto the infield later on in the proceedings. Up front McClure took his second victory of the day.
Sixteen cars made it out for the final, with Lee McCracken leading them off. McCracken held the early lead before going out with mechanical gremlins, which handed the lead to Adam Heatrick. Heatrick went on to take the win with Gary O'Neill runner up, who was kept honest throughout by Davy Clarke in third.


Heat One: 941 Wayne McClure, 342, 955, 995, 925, 50, 982, 926, 933, 984.
Heat Two: 941 Wayne McClure, 342, 995, 926, 983, 982, 965, 997, 904, 959.
Final: 342 Adam Heatrick, 925, 995, 964, 50, 926, 959, 982, 902, 997.

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Added: 19/6/11
Wilson Wins At Ballymena

A good field of 2 Litre Hot Rods turned out at Ballymena Raceway for their first visit to the showgrounds this season, on Friday 17th of June.
Caleb Howard took a comfortable opening heat win with Gary Wilson second. Meeting sponsor Leigh Nicholl took the second heat with Gary Wilson taking second from Howard in the closing stages.
The final was seeded by points scroed which put Gary Wilson on pole and Howard alongside. As soon as the flag dropped Wilson got the jump and Howard slotted in behind him, with Adam Best in third. Wilson looked to be building up a comofrtable lead until Leigh Nicholl spun and rejoined on front of him, Wilson got passed before Nicholl unlapped himself causing Wilson to lose a bit of time. Once past Nicholl started to pull away from the leader giving Wilson a bit of breathing space again. Wilson went on to take the win with Howard second, while Wayne Woolsey went around the outside of Adam Best on the last bend to take third spot.

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Added: 13/6/11
Murray Takes National Title Back to Northern Ireland

Heat 1
The first heat of the evening saw William Reed go off from outside pole.
With a great start it looked impossible that anyone would catch him, unfortunatley his engine didnt sound too good and he had to pull off lap 3.
Leaving Wilks in 110 and Andrew Murray to battle it out for the lead.
A quick Shane Murray had made it through the pack to take up 9th, the back part of the field all racing close and tight making it hard for anyone to come through.
So when the chequers came out 110 Wilks had managed to hold it to take the win followed by Andrew Murray, Pannell, and the Moss.
Result: Race 1 - 110 Jason Wilks, 997, 39, 7, 175, 304, 308, 10, 70, 118.
Fastest Lap: William Reed- 15.397

Heat 2
Damo Wellman on pole for this heat got a good start and managed to get away, with Wilson in 982 trying hard to catch.
Goodswen in car 72 held the third postion for half the race with Wright in 43 trying inside and out to get passed him.
Cooper in 308 took a spin on the back straight putting him out the rest of the race.
With 8 laps to go Wright managed to get passed to take up third, by which point Wilson and Damo were too far ahead to be caught and Wellman took the win.
Race 2 - 8 Damon Wellman, 982, 43, 72, 70, 964, 566, 96, 565, 30.
Fastest lap: Shane Murray 15.534

So the grid lined up for the final with Wilks 110 on pole, Shane Murray 70 outside pole, Wright 43 inside, then Wilson 982, with Andrew murray 997 behind ,and Colin Moss 7.
So the green flag dropped and Wilks got off to a good start, with Wright in second and S.Murray close behind.
Shane Murray sticking to Wright tight and after 5 laps going round the outside to take up second.
So his chase was on for the lead and Wilks had bridged a good gap between him and car 70, but S.Murray was flying and getting closer lap by lap. WIth 4 laps to go Andrew murray had managed to get up close to Wright in car 43 and 997 was trying hard to find the speed to go round the outside.
With 2 laps to go Shane Murray was on Wilks and he was coming round on the outside fast, and in the final lap car 70 came flying round the outside to take the win by 0.002, with Wilks second, Wright third, and Andrew murray fourth! A brilliant race!!!
National Championship - 70 Shane Murray, 110 Jason Wilks, 43 Paul Wright, 997, 7, 982, 8, 304, 175, 308.
Fastest lap: Jason Wilks- 15.469


Race 1 - 110 Jason Wilks, 997, 39, 7, 175, 304, 308, 10, 70, 118.
Race 2 - 8 Damon Wellman, 982, 43, 72, 70, 964, 566, 96, 565, 30.
National Championship - 70 Shane Murray, 110 Jason Wilks, 43 Paul Wright, 997, 7, 982, 8, 304, 175, 308.

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Added: 13/6/11
Woolsey Wins Challenge

With several 2 Litre Hot Rods at Ipswich, they raced for the Nuttscorner Oval Challenge trophy on Saturday 11th June, with a mass start and reverse grids. Petie Donnelly led the cars away in heat one, with John Christie moving through into the lead and taking the opening heat.
Adam Heatrick led them off in heat two with Wayne Woolsey on the outside of the front row. Heatrick managed to hold off the ex World champion for a number of laps as Woolsey battled around the outside, but eventually Woolsey came out on top and went on to take heat two. Heatrick held on toe second with Nigel McCauley third.
Woolsey’s heat performances seen him take pole for the final with John Christie alongside. The two were inseparable in the early stages of the race and it looked as if they could have as easily run door to door all race long, until Christie’s throttle cable snapped and that was that. Woolsey went on to take the win with Glenn Hetherginton second and Petie Donnelly third.


Heat One: 962 John Christie, 968, 50, 926, 935, 904, 983, 979, 984, 933.
Heat Two: 50 Wayne Woolsey, 342, 904, 962, 968, 935, 926, 979, 921, 983.
Nuttscorner Challenge Cup Final: 1st 50 Wayne Woolsey, 2nd 968 Glen Hetherington, 3rd 926 Petie Donnelly, 904, 342, 933, 979, 921, 983.

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Added: 6/6/11
Murray leaves opposition in his wake

Andrew Murray completed a hat trick of wins at Nuttscorner Oval on Sunday 5th of June in the second round of the Wash ‘n’ Dash Series.
In what can only be described as a horrible wet afternoon for racing, Lee McCracken led off the twenty car grid in heat one. McCracken led into the middle stages of the race before spinning and handing the lead to Ed Litter, before Andrew Murray went around the outside of Litter to take the lead and go on to take the opening heat win, Litter was second with Denver McClean classified third and John Christie fourth after Wayne Woolsey was docked 2 places for contact after being third across the line.
Conditions had worsened for the second heat which McCracken again led off before being overtaken by John Christie. Christie looked quick in the wet and had built up a comfortable lead before spinning into turn one, handing the lead over to Andrew Murray, who went on to record his second win of the afternoon, Gary Wilson was second with Derek Martin third.
A closed grid final based on the points scored in the heats seen Andrew Murray on pole, joined on the front row by Derek Martin, with Wayne Woolsey and Gary Wilson on row two.
Murray got a clean start with Woolsey moving through into second and John Christie into third. The top


Wash ‘n’ Dash Challenge Series Round 2
Heat One: 997 Andrew Murray, 910, 903, 962, 50, 920, 968, 70, 982, 955.
Heat Two: 997 Andrew Murray, 982, 920, 50, 70, 54, 918, 962, 975, 935.
Final: 997 Andrew Murray, 50, 962, 70, 54, 918, 982, 920, 935, 921.

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