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Latest News

Added: 30 Apr 2012
McGeady takes NCO's Final Final

Darren McGeady took the honours in the final meeting final at Nuttscorner Oval on Saturday 28th of April, before the promotion moves to their new Tullyroan Oval base.
Bradley Dynes and Nigel McCauley shared the heat wins.


Heat One: 964 Bradley Dynes, 900, 13, 926, 933, 972, 50, 931, 920, 959.
Heat Two: 904 Nigel McCauley, 975, 972, 13, 959, 918, 903, 933, 935, 50.
Final: 900 Darren McGeady, 975 Davy Potter, 13 Glen McDowell, 903, 904, 997, 50, 935, 70, 918.

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Added: 27 Apr 2012
Heatricks wins at Nutts Corner Raceway

Adam Heatrick took his second final win of the week at Nutts Corner Raceway's meeting on Wednesday 25th of April.
Feargal McNally and Bobbie Johnston shared the heat wins.


Heat 1 - 972 (Bobbie Johnston), 342, 54, 926, 920, 918, 988, 70, 997, 13
Heat 2 - 988 (Feargal McNally), 342, 920, 918, 933, 972, 926, 54, 982, 50
Final - 342 (Adam Heatrick), 54, 933, 70, 972, 920, 982, 935, 988, 997, 926

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Added: 24 Apr 2012
Heatrick Wins at Nuttscorner Oval

Adam Heatrick took his first final win of the season at Nuttscorner Oval on Sunday 22nd of April.

The open heat went the way of Garry Campbell, while Adma Hylands became the victor in heat two after Bradley Dynes who was first over the line was docked two places for a jump start and then Lee McCracked who had been second was loaded up for having an unregistered tyre on the car.
With McCracken the sole white or yellow at the meeting, it was blue grader Heatrick who had clear track in front of him in the final, and took a lights to flag victory despite the close efforts of Adam Hylands in the later stages. Further down the field Wayne Woolsey and Andy Cochrane had a dead heat as they crossed the line for 6th and 7th.


Heat One: 933 Garry Campbell, 54, 988, 903, 50, 920, 935, 918, 926, 931.
Heat Two: 54 Adam Hylands, 50, 964, 926, 920, 988, 933, 918, 931, 70.
Final: 342 Adam Heatrick, 54 Adam Hylands, 920 Derek Martin, 70, 926, 50=979, 988, 933, 918.

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Added: 16 Apr 2012
Willis Wins Southern 100

Heat One (Drawn Grid)
A cracking race where pole sitter Charlie Jowers kept a tight line to take the win. A train of cars formed behind him but no-one was willing to take to the outside line. Mark Willis was docked for contact on Jowers as the 31 machine crossed the line on the infield side of the marker tyre!

Heat Two (Reverse Grid)
Martin Codling takes a fine win as several race stoppages put paid to the hopes of several drivers including 11 Alex Crane, 43 Paul Wright and 87 Jason Busby. A number of drivers fell foul of the steward for contact.

Southern Championship Final
The Southern Championship saw 65 Mark Willis on pole with 75 Chris Crane on his outside. Row 2 consists of World Champion 306 Will Reed and 72 Gary Goodswen. The two heat winners lined up on row 3 in the form of 30 Martin Codling and 31 Charlie Jowers.

A well earned win for Mark Willis who took full advantage of his pole position start as he maintained a safe gap back to Will Reed who just couldn't catch the 65 car. Reed came under a lot of pressure from Chris Crane but the 75 car broke down in the latter stages - allowing 304 Danny Fiske to take thid place. A great days hot rod racing.

Report thanks to Spedeworth.co.uk


Heat 1 - 31 Charlie Jowers, 72, 565, 65, 87, 43, 7, 306, 75, 39.
Heat 2 - 30 Martin Codling, 75, 306, 304, 303, 65, 24, 39, 50, 7.
Final - Southern Championship - 65 Mark Willis, 306 Will Reed, 304 Danny Fiske, 7, 565, 72, 30, 303, 24, 11.

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Added: 15 Apr 2012
Dynes Double at Nuttscorner

Bradley Dynes took a heat and final double at the second meeting of the season at Nuttscorner Oval on Saturday 14th of April.
Dynes led from flag to flag in the opening heat to take the win followed home by Lee McCracken and Adam Hylands.
In the second heat Hylands got the break from the blue grade and came through to take the win with Dynes second and Adam Heatrick third.
Dynes once again dominated the final after Hylands had pulled out with a sick sounding engine as he had got through into second. Lee McCracken was second with Petie Donnelly third.


Heat One: 964 Bradley Dynes, 921, 54, 342, 931, 70, 988, 50, 920, 918.
Heat Two: 54 Adam Hylands, 964, 342, 988, 982, 918, 920, 50, 70, 13.
Final: 964 Bradley Dynes, 921 Lee McCracken, 926 Petie Donnelly, 979, 920, 70, 342, 935, 931, 997.

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Added: 11 Apr 2012
GridArt Abstract Gallery

Clive Marchant has kindly put together a selection of abstract work of the 2Litre Hot Rod's for an exclusive gallery for the site.

In his own words...
"The 2litre Hot Rod formula offer's a avalanche of colour and car styles to keep my creative ideas flowing. These designs originate from photography but hopefully give an abstract artistic feel, very much a different approach from my usual Photoshop edits. I would like to personally thank Brian Lammey for allowing me the opportunity to create some exclusive images for 2litreHotRod.com and hope both supporters and drivers find them of interest."

I'm sure these will be gratefully received by the visitors of 2litrehotrod.com and I'd like to thank Clive for these works and his continued support for the site and the drivers within the formula.

Visit Clive's Gridart work

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Added: 11 Apr 2012
Wilson Wins in the Wet

Gary Wilson took the opening final win at Nuttscorner Oval on easter Monday, 9th of April.
A grid of 22 cars took to the track for the opening heat which seen a lights to flag victory for Bradley Dynes, who had his lead cut to nothing for a cuation period when Mark Madhill crashed out heavily.
Heat two also seen a yellow grade winner as Lee McCracken piloted his Saxo to victory. A pile up in the second heat sidelined Wayne Woolsey and Petie Donnelly amongst others with damage.
The final took place in the wet and Adam Heatrick soon came through from the blue grade to take the lead, but as ever in wet conditions Gary Wilson was charging and came through to take the win. David McMenemy picked up second and Derek Martin was third.


Heat One: 964 Bradley Dynes, 975, 342, 918, 926, 988, 50, 920, 997, 982.
Heat Two: 921 Lee McCracken, 342, 54, 982, 935, 918, 959, 900, 972, 13.
Final: 982 Gary Wilson, 918 David McMenemy, 920 Derek Martin, 70, 54, 988, 997, 935, 13, 342.

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Added: 11 Apr 2012
Bennett wins at Ipswich

Report C/O Spedeworth.co.uk
Heat 1
Far from ideal conditions for the Hot Rods as they take to the Foxhall oval, they're here in good numbers again with 32 of them on track, 27 Joe Jackson and 475 Paul Kaynes take turns at leading, the wet track accounts for a few with 745 Daniel Bennett losing his rear bumper as a few cars spin out. 303 Gavin Botfield takes over but the waved yellows come out to check on a potentially injured driver, all OK though and they line up for the remaining 10 laps, and it's Botfield who races away to win though 96 Kevin Randell and 565 Dan Smith close up in the latter stages, 96 getting docked 2 places for contact.

Heat 2
11 Alex Crane is the early leader ahead of 745 Daniel Bennett, these two opening up a big lead ahead of the chasing pack led by 96 and 303. The conditions are again taking their toll as we lose a number of cars to spins and minor knocks, and it's Alex Crane who takes a win after a faultless drive, 96 Kevin Randell looks good for 3rd but clips a parked car late on and goes out.

The 2.0 Hot Rod final sees Daniel Bennett away and clear, again we lose a few to the conditions - although the rain has cleared there's a lot of wet shale on the track! Randell spins out near the end when 4th after a clash with 303.

Latest Series Points on Spedeworth.co.uk


Heat 1 - 303 Gavin Botfield, 565, 475, 543, 75, 72, 8, 88, 304, 310.
Heat 2 - 11 Alex Crane, 745, 303, 65, 565, 304, 96, 22, 7, 24.
Final - 745 Daniel Bennett, 29 Duane Peacock, 310 Sean O'Leary, 72, 565, 75, 7, 27, 303, 88 (all subject to video review).

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Added: 27 Mar 2012
Fiske Still Ahead in Points

The latest Points chart is now available from the Spedeworth Website, and it is still Danny Fiske who is out in front.

Top 4 after Yarmouth 25/3/12
1. 304 Danny Fiske - 249pts
2. 306 Will Reed - 186pts
3. 65 Mark Willis - 181pts
4. 88 Dale Atkins - 160pts

Points on the Spedeworth website

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Added: 27 Mar 2012
Daktari Wins East Anglian

Dale Atkins took the east Anglian championship at Yarmouth Stadium on Sunday 25th of March, following heat wins from Damon Wellman and Tommy Millar.


Heat One - 8 Damon Wellman, 30, 75, 304, 88, 31, 310, 39, 390, 72.
Heat Two - 543 Tommy Miller, 39, 182, 118, 72, 22, 88, 75, 310, 30.
East Anglian Championship
Final - 88 Dale Atkins, 39 Rick Pannell, 31 Charlie Jowers, 72, 310, 304, 118, 11, 27, 22.

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Added: 27 Mar 2012
Northern Ireland Tyre Rule

Following recent discussions after the drivers meeting in Loughgall, a new tyre rule will be implemented for the Northern Ireland 2.0 Hot Rods in 2012.

Whilst the favoured rule on the night was found to be much too difficult to police, we hope that what we have now decided upon will be welcomed by all the drivers.

The ruling will still, as agreed, be reviewed after the 2012 Tullyroan Oval Speedweekend.

Click Here to download the tyre ruling

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Added: 29 Feb 2012
EA and Southern Championship

Statement from Spedeworth:

Spedeworth wish to announce that bookings for both the 2.0 Hot Rod East Anglian Championship at Yarmouth on March 25th and the 2.0 Hot Rod Southern Championship at Aldershot on April 15th are now being taken.

The following criteria apply:

Unfortunately, any new driver who is running 4 new tyres as a result of starting the formula recently will not be able to book in at this stage. Depending on car numbers, these cars may be permitted to race from the rear of the grids in all 3 races.

Normal tyre rules will apply for these events.

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Added: 29 Feb 2012
Fiske Continues to Lead Points

Danny Fiske continues to lead the national points on the latest chart released by Spedeworth.

The top 4 are as follows
304 Danny Fiske - 238points
306 William Reed - 186points
65 Mark Willis - 181points
43 Paul Wright - 148points

For the full listing, see the Spedeworth website

See the Points Chart on Spedeworth.co.uk

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Added: 26 Feb 2012
It'll be Paul Wright on the Night

Paul Wright took the English Championship title at wimbledon on Sunday the 26th of February, his second title at the London venue over the winter.

Defending champion Danny Fiske took the win in the opening heat, heading home Billy Clarke and Daniel Smith.

Former European champion Collin Moss took the second heat, leading home Duane Peacock and Damon Wellman.

Wright and Fiske qualified on the front row of the grid for the final, with Wright getting the better start and breaking away. Damon Wellman finished second with Collin Moss third over the line before being docked two places, promoting world champion Will Reed to third.


Heat 1 - 304 Danny Fiske, 537, 565, 31, 43, 306, 72, 96, 8, 65.
Heat 2 - 7 Collin Moss, 29, 8, 43, 75, 72, 306, 302, 543, 88.
English Championship - 43 Paul Wright, 8 Damon Wellman, 306 Will Reed, 7, 72, 75, 537, 30, 565, 88.

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Added: 25 Feb 2012
English Championship this Sunday

Booking list as at 9am, 23/2
There is race action this Sunday as Danny Fiske will attempt to hold on to retain his English Championship title at Wimbledon.
The current points leader will face stiff competition from a high quality field including Damon Wellman, Paul Wright, Gary Goodswen and Kevin Randell who have all been recent winners at the London venue.

2.0 Hot Rods (27 cars)
7 Collin Moss
8 Damon Wellman
11 Alex Crane
22 Dan Payne
29 Duane Peacock
30 Martin Codling
31 Charlie Jowers
39 Rick Pannell
43 Paul Wright
50 Jamie White
65 Mark Willis
72 Gary Goodswen
75 Chris Crane
77 Andrew Owen
88 Dale Atkins
96 Kevin Randell
146 Scott Morgan
303 Gavin Botfield
304 Danny Fiske
306 William Reed
310 Sean O'Leary
390 Dean Hunt
537 Billy Clarke
543 Tommy Miller
565 Daniel Smith
626 Paul Freeman
745 Daniel Bennett

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