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Added: 26 Feb 2012
It'll be Paul Wright on the Night

Paul Wright took the English Championship title at wimbledon on Sunday the 26th of February, his second title at the London venue over the winter.

Defending champion Danny Fiske took the win in the opening heat, heading home Billy Clarke and Daniel Smith.

Former European champion Collin Moss took the second heat, leading home Duane Peacock and Damon Wellman.

Wright and Fiske qualified on the front row of the grid for the final, with Wright getting the better start and breaking away. Damon Wellman finished second with Collin Moss third over the line before being docked two places, promoting world champion Will Reed to third.


Heat 1 - 304 Danny Fiske, 537, 565, 31, 43, 306, 72, 96, 8, 65.
Heat 2 - 7 Collin Moss, 29, 8, 43, 75, 72, 306, 302, 543, 88.
English Championship - 43 Paul Wright, 8 Damon Wellman, 306 Will Reed, 7, 72, 75, 537, 30, 565, 88.

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Added: 25 Feb 2012
English Championship this Sunday

Booking list as at 9am, 23/2
There is race action this Sunday as Danny Fiske will attempt to hold on to retain his English Championship title at Wimbledon.
The current points leader will face stiff competition from a high quality field including Damon Wellman, Paul Wright, Gary Goodswen and Kevin Randell who have all been recent winners at the London venue.

2.0 Hot Rods (27 cars)
7 Collin Moss
8 Damon Wellman
11 Alex Crane
22 Dan Payne
29 Duane Peacock
30 Martin Codling
31 Charlie Jowers
39 Rick Pannell
43 Paul Wright
50 Jamie White
65 Mark Willis
72 Gary Goodswen
75 Chris Crane
77 Andrew Owen
88 Dale Atkins
96 Kevin Randell
146 Scott Morgan
303 Gavin Botfield
304 Danny Fiske
306 William Reed
310 Sean O'Leary
390 Dean Hunt
537 Billy Clarke
543 Tommy Miller
565 Daniel Smith
626 Paul Freeman
745 Daniel Bennett

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Added: 25 Feb 2012
McNally's Nuttscorner Final

Nuttscorner Oval ran it’s traditional out of season meeting on Sunday 19th of February and had a respectable turnout of 20 cars racing. Bradley Dynes made his debut in an immaculately turned out Ex-Kym Weaver/ Wayne Woolsey Corsa.
Heat one was led off by Alastair Calvin who was soon overtaken by Davy Potter who went on to take the win ahead of Wayne Woolsey and Andy Cochrane.
Feargal McNally led heat two from lights to flag despite two stoppages for loose wheels. Gary Wilson was second and Calvin third.
Sixteen cars made it out for the final, which was led off by Lee McCracken who pulled off into the infield within half a lap with mechanical gremlins. This handed the lead to Calvin who led until mid race when he was judged to have been pushed wide by Adam Hylands, who was black crossed. Hylands went on to take the flag but was docked two places, giving a second win of the day to McNally. Calvin got moved up to second with Hylands slotting into third.


Heat One: 975 Davy Potter, 50, 979, 988, 54, 997, 982, 926, 921, 931.
Heat Two: 988 Feargal McNally, 982, 49, 54, 975, 920, 997, 50, 979, 931.
Final: 988 Feargal McNally, 49 Alastair Calvin, 54 Adam Hylands, 920, 997, 982, 50, 931, 935, 975.

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Added: 30/1/12
Wellman Wins at Wimbledon

Following two heat wins from Gary Goodswen, Damon Wellman took the final win at Wimbledon on Sunday 29th of January in the first round of the Hoosier Racing Tires Series.

Latest Points Standings are now on the Spedeworth Website


Heat 1 - 72 Gary Goodswen, 88, 7, 65, 75, 39, 475, 626, 29, 43.
Heat 2 - 72 Gary Goodswen, 75, 626, 8, 146, 29, 303, 39, 151, 7.
Final - 8 Damon Wellman, 39 Rick Pannell, 30 Martin Codling, 75, 72, 11, 65, 88, 390, 306.

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Added: 19/1/12
Old Galleries from Keith Duke

Keith Duke has kindly sent through some links to Galleries he has uploaded of some of his older work/ photos, these include the 2 Litre Hot Rods and the 1600''s from days gone by.
I hope you''ll enjoy flicking through them as much as I did.
1600/2Litre Hot Rod Photos up to 2003

Post 2003 Photos

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Added: 8/1/12
Awards Night 2012

The 2 Litre Hot rod and National Hot Rod awards night for 2012 took place at the Capthorne Hotel in Slough on Saturday 7th of January.
The Awards winners where as follows
Best Newcomer - Billy Clarke
Most Improved - Charlie Jowers
Best Presented Car - Paul Wright
Driver of the Year - Will Reed

Many thanks to Damian Savage of OvalRacingPhotos.co.uk for the Photos

Click Here to Visit Damian's Site

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Added: 7/1/12
Woolsey Leads NI Qualifying Points

The latest Ipswich/ world Qualifying points from Northern Ireland are now on the Nuttscorner Oval website. Wayne Woolsey continues to lead the way with Derek Martin and Adam Hylands second and third.

Click Here to Visit the Nuttscorner Oval Website

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Added: 3/1/12
Goodswen Wins at Wimbledon

Gary Goodswen won the 2 Litre Hot Rods Winternationals at Wimbledon Stadium on Sunday 1st of January following heat wins from Danny Fiske and Will Reed.


Heat One - 306 Will Reed, 304, 72, 7, 626, 310, 39, 65, 8, 303.
Heat Two - 304 Danny Fiske, 65, 8, 565, 72, 303, 7, 310, 306, 39.
Winternationals Final - 72 Gary Goodswen, 7 Collin Moss, 565 Daniel Smith, 537, 65, 310, 75, 626, 303, 11.

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Added: 3/1/12
Martin is Champion of Champions at Ballymena

The 2 Litre Hot Rods put on an excellent performance at their Champion of Champions meeting at Ballymena Raceway on the 2nd of January 2012, with 19 cars in action in heat one, which featured a fantastic side by side battle between Wayne Woolsey and Philip Beatty, with Woolsey taking victory right on the line by 0.007s. Heat two featured a similar Woolsey and Beatty battle, but this time it was for second and Shane Murray took a lights to flag win.
Woolsey led away the final with Beatty alongside and it was Beatty who benefited going around the outside and getting the better drive off the bends, Derek Martin had come off the outside of row two to go around Woolsey in the opening laps and was going about taking the lead from Beatty when Adam Heatrick got spun into the wall at the end of the home straight bringing out yellow flags and giving the lead back to Beatty. Beatty led on the restart but looked to start struggling for Grip and first Martin, then Woolsey and then Murray went passed him as the laps went by. Martin led to the flag with Woolsey second and Murray third


Champion of Champions
Heat One: 50, 935, 920, 979, 54, 70, 49, 918, 933, 926, 342, 988, 994, 975, 966.
Heat Two: 70, 50, 935, 920, 966, 926, 931, 979, 342, 918, 988, 999, 49, 902, 964.
Final: 920, 50, 70, 935, 918, 931, 926, 54, 966, 902, 49, 999.

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Added: 28/12/11
McMenemy's Festive Final

David McMenemy took the final win at the last meeting at Nuttscorner Oval of 2011 on Tuesday 27th of December.

The 2 Litre Hot Rods contested a heat and a final at the festive meeting.

Andy Cochrane took the heat win with Davy Potter second and Wayne Woolsey third.
The final seen Bradley Dynes on pole, but Potter was quickly through into the lead and went on to lead most of the race while the rest of the field squabbled behind him. As the race approached the late stages Potter got out of shape on the back straight and weaved all shapes while trying to keep the car on the track, but the incident had sent him well down through the field and it was David McMenemy who came through in the lead, going on to take the win with Derek Martin second and Shane Murray third.


Heat: 979 Andy Cochrane, 975, 50, 997, 920, 13, 931, 960, 70, 933.
Final: 918 David McMenemy, 920, 70, 960, 997, 13, 935, 50, 926, 54.

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Added: 20/12/11
Randell's Wimbledon Win

Kevin Randell took the final win of 2012 on the mainland in the 2 Litre Hot Rods with a win at Wimbledon on Sunday 18th of December.
Gary Goodswen was runner up in the final, having won heat 2, with Will Reed third in the final.
Heat 1 went to Chris Crane


Heat 1 - 75 Chris Crane, 72, 65, 88, 96, 310, 306, 7, 304, 27.
Heat 2 - 72 Gary Goodswen, 96, 75, 304, 65, 306, 197, 43, 7, 565.
Final - 96 Kevin Randell, 72 Gary Goodswen, 306 Will Reed, 30, 543, 304, 88, 65, 390, 118.

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Added: 29/11/11
McCracken wins at Nuttscorner

Lee McCracken took the final win at Nuttscorner Oval in the out of season meeting on November 27th.
McCracken made his debut in the ex Andy Best Saxo recently acquired as part of a car exchange with Feargal McNally, who was racing the ex Andrew Murray Corsa previously raced by McCracken.
Adam Hylands took the honours in the opening heat after first across the line driver ed Litter had been docked 2 places for contact on McCracken.
Heat two say a heavy crash for Sean Dynes going into the wall on the start finish straight and bringing out yellow flags, while Bradley Dynes had a trip into the wall shortly afterwards in his ex Davy McCall Tigra. Feargal McNally took the heat 2 victory.
In the final it was McCracken who led the race from flag to flag, but another few laps and wayne Woolsey could well have come through from the back of the field, he was up to second by the end of the race and just ran out of laps to mount a challenge for the lead. Caid McMenemy was third.


Heat One: 54 Adam Hylands, 988, 910, 926, 342, 50, 918, 920, 984, 13.
Heat Two: 988 Feargal McNally, 342, 926, 54, 918, 902, 920, 910, 50, 13.
Final: 921 Lee McCracken, 50, 918, 342, 920, 54, 935, 926, 13, 994.

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Added: 27/11/11
Tullyroan to Host 2012 European

It was announched this week that Tullyroan Oval will host the 2012 European Championship, which will see the biggest event for the 2Litre Hot Rods in the UK hosted in Northern Ireland for the second year in succession.
The European will be part of the Speedweekend on the 21st and 22nd of July.

The big dates for 2012 are as follows:
European Championship - Tullyroan - 21&22/7
British Championship - Ipswich - 7&8/7
National Championship - Yarmouth - 27/5
English Championship - Wimbledon - 26/2
East Anglian Championship - Yarmouth 25/3
Southern Championship - Aldershot - 15/4
Best in Britain - Wimbledon - 18/11

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Added: 27/11/11
Wrighty Finally Reigns

With no reigning champion (Mark Cooper not racing) there would be a new champion. The winners before Cooper: 43 Paul Wright and 110 Jason Wilks were racing and so was the 1993-4 winner 65 Mark Willis. The winner of 1997 Malcolm Blackman was viewing from the stands. The last Irish winner was back in 1995, trying their luck this year was 964 Bradley Dynes and 50 Wayne Woolsey in his new Saxo.

Heat 1
Woolsey was bumped aside at the start, he got caught on the outside line and fell back a few places. Wilks took up the running but he collected a black cross for contact on 8 Damon Wellman. The first caution was needed when 31 Charlie Jowers hit the fence by the starters rostrum, he was clipped by 11 Alex Crane and 22 Dan Payne who slide into the centre and into the parked car of 188 Rob Naismith.

For the restart Wilks led 7 Collin Moss, 88 Dale Atkins, Woolsey, Wellman and 310 Sean O’Leary. After the green Wellman spun out while Atkins put the bumper in on Moss to nudge him aside at turn 1, the next bend he ran deep which allowed Woolsey inside for second place. Moss also got back inside Atkins and ran him out wide allowing O’Leary and 304 Danny Fiske to move up. The chequers fell to Wilks but he was docked for contact handing the win to Woolsey.
Res: 50, 7, 110 (x-2), 310, 304, 65, 88 (x-2), 197, 43

Heat 2
World Champion 306 Will Reed led off proceeding but his engine was spluttering around the track, he held a distance led over the chasing duo of Wright and Willis. 188 Rob Naismith almost put himself in the fence on turn 4 that caused Reed to take avoiding action, now Wright and Willis closed up. With Reed struggling to defend his lead he was simply out-powered on the home straight and Wright swept past. Even with Reed’s poor sounding car the front 3 were half a lap clear of the rest of field that bunched up behind 30 Martin Codling.

Naismith pushed a little harder and this time hit the fence on the exit of turn 2, the race continued with a stationary yellow and Naismith done a great job to extract the car and get it to the centre even with a wheel hanging off. The bigger bunch of cars battling for the midfield places eventually found the fence this time back-marking Dynes and Wellman touched the posts to bring out reds and chequers.
Res: 43, 306, 65, 197, 30, 304, 310, 565 (x-2), 88, 50

Woolsey made a better start than Willis off the front row and was leading entering turn 1. Willis made contact with the back of Woolsey to put him offline and put Willis into first with Wright also making up ground. Yet again the fence claimed a victim, this time 146 Scott Morgan going in with 390 Dean Hunt running into the side of him.

For the restart the running order was Willis, Wright, Woolsey, O’Leary, Fiske, Moss and Reed. Wright started to put the pressure on Willis and moved inside him much to the appreciation of the crowd however Willis (who must have thought he was racing a stock car) put the bumper next bend to take back first. Woolsey moved inside Wright in a separate incident, while Fiske moved up to fourth place as the front six raced together as one. Willis took the flag but was docked for contact and so was Woolsey this promoted Wright and Fiske to first and second. Willis was booed on his lap of honour and in played up to this time. The result could still change, although video evidence was used drivers have appealed this result. Only 11 cars finished.
Res: 43, 304, 65 (x-2), 50 (x-2), 7, 110, 310, 88, 197, 30

Report thanks to Paul @ WhistlinJackSmith.co.uk


Heat One - 50 Wayne Woolsey, 7, 110, 310, 304, 65, 565, 88, 197, 43.
Heat Two - 43 Paul Wright, 306, 65, 197, 30, 304, 310, 565, 88, 50.
Best In Britain Final - 43 Paul Wright, 304 Danny Fiske, 65 Mark Willis (x2), 50(x2), 7, 110, 310, 88, 197, 30.

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Added: 7/11/11
Wellman wins at Wimbledon

Damon Wellman took the final win at Wimbledon on Gala night on Sunday 6th of November, following heat wins for Paul Freeman and Micheal Pagden.


Heat 1 - 626 Paul Freeman, 197, 310, 87, 65, 8, 96, 7, 88, 30.
Heat 2 - 197 Michael Pagden, 87, 8, 7, 110, 310, 65, 306, 146, 75.
Final - 8 Damon Wellman, 197 Michael Pagden, 30 Martin Codling, 304, 43, 306, 88, 110, 87, 96.

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