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Added: 23 Jul 2012
Murray Takes European at Tullyroan

Shane Murray added the European Championship title to his list of honours during the first Speedweekend at Tullyroan Oval.

A thirty six car field assembled for the weekend of action at the UK’s newest venue including visiting drivers Mark Willis, Charlie Jowers, Chris Crane, Damon Wellman and World Champion Will Reed.

The Saturday night qualifying heats seen the cars race in a two from three format to book their place on the grid for the European Championship.

The opening heat went to Andrew Murray who steered home his Vauhall Tigra ahead of Adam Hylands and National Hot Rod World Champion Glenn Bell.

Heat two seen the only visiting driver win of the weekend in the 2 Litre’s as Damon Wellman took the honours, leading home Shane Murray, Adam Heatrick and defending European Champion Denver McLean.

The third and final heat was one of the races of the weekend as Mark Madill hit the front of the field with Davy Potter having the drive of his life in second place while several of the top drivers jostled for position behind him, Charlie Jowers eventually took third place.

With the qualifying heats over it was Shane Murray who took pole position for the European Championship final, with a 3 way tie for second place between Damon Wellman, Andrew Murray and Denver McLean. A pre race draw gave Andrew Murray the outside of the front row with McLean inside row two and Wellman alongside, Adam Hylands and Davy Potter occupied row three with Mark Madill and Adam Heatrick completing the front group.

The European race was action packed from the start as McLean dived up the inside of Andrew Murray into turn one followed by Hylands and Wellman got squeezed out wide and soon retired, another early faller was Will Reed who looked to have scrubbed the wall and had damaged the outside front wheel. Neil Davidson was an early spinner and yellows where soon called upon. Murray once again led away on the restart and quickly started to break away from McLean and Hylands as they battled for second. It wasn’t long before the second stoppage when Chris Crane and Adam Heatrick came together on the start finish straight, leaving Heatrick stranded and Crane facing the traffic. The third caution soon followed when Mark Willis ended up spun and stranded on the kerb on the inside of turns three and four after just a few laps of racing. Shane Murray led once again on the restart with McLean still in second, Hylands third, Andrew Murray fourth and Davy Potter still holding on to fifth. Shane Murray once again pulled away on the restart but it was Hylands who was making moves on McLean eventually squeezing up the inside to take second in turn three which also allowed Andrew Murray up into third. In the coming laps Hylands started reeling in the number seventy machine as they started coming through traffic. The lead pair had a lucky escape when Mark Willis, Petie Donnelly and Lee McCracken came together on front of them on the back straight and they squeezed through while Andrew Murray and Denver McLean got forced to the grass as the tangled cars brought out the fourth and final caution. The restart with eight laps to go gave Shane Murray clear track ahead again, but Hylands wasn’t for giving up and stayed Murray right through to the flag and was just unable to mount a significant challenge on leader, as Shane Murray added the European title to the British, National and Irish Open titles he has already won. Andrew Murray came home in third with Denver McLean fourth, Philip Beatty fifth and Davy Potter in sixth.

The meeting was rounded out with two support races with Philip Beatty taking the win in the Dash4Cash and Feargal McNally took the final 2 Litre race of the weekend in the Tullyroan Oval Grand Prix.


2012 European Championship – sponsored by Hewitt Meats
Heat One: 997 Andrew Murray, 54, 9, 70, 993, 50, 920, 306, 959, 75.
Heat Two: 8 Damon Wellman, 70, 342, 903, 988, 75, 935, 982, 997, 959.
Heat Three: 931 Mark Madill, 975, 31, 918, 903, 65, 306, 54, 8, 50.
European Championship Final: 1st 70 Shane Murray, 2nd 54 Adam Hylands, 3rd 997 Andrew Murray, 903, 935, 975, 31, 50, 988, 982.

A W McCauley Vehicle Maintenance Dash 4 Cash: 935 Philip Beatty, 306, 70, 54, 997, 918, 921, 8, 31, 65.
A W McCauley Vehicle Maintenance Tullyroan Grand Prix: 988 Feargal McNally, 997, 926, 918, 9, 70, 959, 935, 972, 938.

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Added: 23 Jul 2012
Milsom Double at Aldershot

Layton Milsom took a heat and final double at Aldershot on Sunday 22nd of June.
Brendan Carton won the other heat.


Heat 1 - 48 Layton Milsom, 87, 118, 29, 39, 101, 537, 600, 71, 730.

Heat 2 - 71 Brendan Carton, 48, 537, 310, 118, 39, 87, 101, 29, 600.

Final - 48 Layton Milsom, 87 Jason Busby, 71 Brendan Carton, 101, 146, 537, 39, 475, 600, 17.

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Added: 17 Jul 2012
European Championship Time

The biggest 2 Litre Hot Rod weekend of 2012 is almost upon us as the class does battle for the European Championship title at Tullyroan Oval this Saturday and Sunday.

The Entry list is as follows
2.0 Hot Rods 2012 European Championship sponsored by Hewitt Meats (39 cars)
9 Glenn Bell
13 Glenn McDowell
49 Alastair Calvin
50 Wayne Woolsey
54 Adam Hylands
70 Shane Murray
342 Adam Heatrick
902 Leigh Nicholl
903 Denver McLean
910 Eddie Litter
918 David McMenemy
920 Derek Martin
921 Lee McCracken
926 Petie Donnelly
929 Gareth Thompson
931 Mark Madill
933 Garry Campbell
935 Philip Beatty
938 Chris McArdle
959 Adam Best
964 Bradley Dynes
966 Thomas Dilly
972 Bobbie Johnston
975 Davy Potter
979 Andy Cochrane
980 Lee Ferguson
982 Gary Wilson
983 Vince Campbell
984 Sean Dynes
988 Feargal McNally
993 Paul Cregan
994 Neil Davison
997 Andrew Murray
999 Pat Casey

Visiting Drivers
8 Damon Wellman
31 Charlie Jowers
65 Mark Willis
75 Chris Crane
306 Will Reed

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Added: 17 Jul 2012
Beatty wins at Tullyroan

With the European Championship for the 2.0 Hot Rods set for Tullyroan next weekend, things got off to the worst possible start with a multiple car incident on turn one, lap one, of the first heat which left a number of cars damaged. At the resumption, Sean Dynes from Dungannon slipped ahead and took the win from Thomas Dilly and Derek Martin.
British Champion Shane Murray, who had earlier received a fantastic welcome as he paraded the trophy he won in Ipswich last weekend, kept up his good form with a text book win in heat two from the red grade, relieving Dynes of the lead to take the chequered flag. Dynes continued his good afternoon with second ahead of Philip Beatty, who had hastily repaired his car after the first heat shunt.
Beatty had the bit between his teeth in the final, and laid down a marker ahead of next week’s big meeting with a great win, holding off Adam Hylands and Murray at the flag.

Report c/o Tullyroanoval.com


Heat One: 984 Sean Dynes, 966, 920, 903, 54, 997, 70, 993, 975, 938.
Heat Two: 70 Shane Murray, 984, 935, 903, 920, 918, 993, 997, 54, 938.
Final: 935 Philip Beatty, 54 Adam Hylands, 70 Shane Murray, 997, 920, 975, 984, 918, 938, 910.

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Added: 08 Jul 2012
Murray retains British at Spedeweekend

Ulster racer Shane Murray retained his British Championship crown at the 2012 Ipswich Spedeweekend.
First blood in the heats went to Paul Wright who led home Shane Murray and Dan Smith in the opening heat.
Derek Martin took the win in heat two, which combined with a tenth place finish in heat one put him on pole for the final, Gary Goodswen was second with Tommy Miller third.
Shane Murray came from the outside of the front row to take the honours in the fnal, spending a lot of the race on the outside of Derek Martin. Wayne Woolsey eventually came through to take second with Paul Wright third and Martin finishing off in fourth.


Saturday 7th July - British Championship
Heat 1 - 43 (Paul Wright), 70, 565, 39, 30, 29, 75, 303, 54, 920
Heat 2 - 920 (Derek Martin), 72, 543, 31, 306, 303, 50, 65, 918, 88.
British Championship - 70 (Shane Murray), 50 (Wayne Woolsey), 43 (Paul Wright), 920, 65, 565, 303, 75, 543, 30.

Sunday 8th July
British Championship Revenge - 931 (Mark Madill), 54, 997, 7, 920, 745, 565, 935, 926, 65.

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Added: 03 Jul 2012
Campbell Takes Tullyroan Final

Vince Campbell took the final win at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday 30th of June.
The opening heat featured a heavy crash for Glenn McDowell as he went into the wall side on, bringing about a long stoppage, we wish Glenn a speedy recovery. On the resumption of racing it was Shane Murray who took the opener a week before he defends his British title at Ipswich.
Philip Beatty took the win in heat two before Vince Campbell took the final win, after the race was stopped when he was judged to have been spun by Derek Martin.


Heat 1: 70 (Shane Murray), 903, 982, 920, 988, 50, 935, 999, 941, 984.
Heat 2: 935 (Philip Beatty), 903, 982, 70, 50, 920, 988, 999, 926, 975.
Final: 983 (Vince Campbell), 982, 935, 920, 903, 70, 988, 941, 984, 999.

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Added: 28 Jun 2012
European Weekend Bookings

Bookings are now open for the 2.0 Rods European Championship which this year will be staged as part of the first ever Tullyroan Oval Speedweekend. Qualifying heats will be staged on Saturday July 21st, with the European Final plus support races on July 22nd.

As Spedeworth have a meeting for White, Yellow and Blue grade drivers on the same day, we can accept bookings from any Red or Superstar graded drivers. Each mainland UK driver will receive £100 travel money, and we can also point drivers in the direction of the cheapest ferries if they contact us. Full details for travel/hotels etc are also available on our website www.tullyroanoval.com

The Nuttscorner Oval Speedweekends of the past were always fantastic events, and the fantastic new venue will only make it even better. Anyone who travels is guaranteed a great weekends racing and fun.

To book in please contact the Spedeworth office, or for more details contact Darren Black on info@tullyroanoval.com or 07980 630703.

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Added: 28 Jun 2012
Woolsey is King of Nutts Corner

Wayne Woolsey won the King of Nutts Corner title at Nutts Corner Raceway on Wednesday 27th of June.

The meeting had a disappointing turnout of just 7 cars!

Feargal McNally won the opening heat with Woolsey taking a heat 2 and final double. Philip Beatty was second in the final with Bradley Dynes third.


Heat 1 - 988 (Feargal McNally),982,50,935,964,941,986.
Heat 2 - 50 (Wayne Woolsey),982,988,935,986.
Final (King of Nutts Corner) 50 Wayne Woolsey, 935,964,982,988,941,986.

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Added: 25 Jun 2012
Bell Wins at Tullyroan

Former Stock Rod world champion Glenn Bell took his first feature race win in the 2 Litre Hot Rods at Tullyroan Oval on Sunday 24th of June.

Over half the 2 Litre’s in attendance had their bumpers, or part of their bumpers painted yellow in a tribute to Steve Newman, the Saloon Stock Car driver sadly killed at Mildenhall the previous week.

Following a lively meeting the week before the 2 Litre Hot Rods car numbers dropped to 17 cars for the second round of their Wash ‘n’ Dash series. Adam Best won both heats to put himself on pole for the closed grid final but it was ex Stock Rod world champion Glenn Bell who got the better start from the outside of the front row and quickly pulled away and went on to take the win. Derek Martin ran second for the early part of the race before pulling off which promoted Shane Murray to second with Denver McLean third.


Heat 1: 959 (Adam Best), 9, 920, 997, 70, 903, 982, 988, 50, 980.
Heat 2: 959 (Adam Best), 13, 903, 70, 997, 920, 9, 982, 988, 980.
Final: 9 (Glenn Bell), 70 (Shane Murray), 903 (Denver McLean), 997, 982, 988, 13, 959, 941, 980.

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Added: 25 Jun 2012
Spedeweekend Confirmed Drivers!

With Speedweekend fast approaching, here is the confirmed list of all drivers competing for the title of British Champion 2012, in the 2 litre Hot Rods on Saturday 7th July at Foxhall Staduim.

7 Collin Moss
8Damon Wellman
11 Alex Crane
22 Dan Payne
29 Duane Peacock
30 Martin Codling
31 Charlie Jowers
39 Rick Pannell
43 Paul Wright
50 Wayne Woolsey
54 Adam Hylands
65 Mark Willis
70 Shane Murray
72 Gary Goodswen
75 Chris Crane
88 Dale Atkins
96 Kevin Randell
99 Barry Limer
118 Lewis Shelley
303 Gavin Botfield
306 William Reed
310 Sean O'Leary
342 Adam Heatrick
537 Billy Clarke
543 Tommy Miller
565 Daniel Smith
745 Daniel Bennett
918 David McMeneny
920 Derek Martin
926 Petie Donnelly
931 Mark Madill
935 Philip Beatty
997 Andrew Murray

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Added: 21 Jun 2012
RIP Steve Newman Stickers

Following the tragic loss of Saloon Stock Car driver Steve Newman at Mildenhall on Saturday night, Ryan Wright - RW-Graphics now has RIP Steve Newman 311 stickers available for drivers wishing to pay their regards. To get a sticker all you need to do is make a donation of £1 or more through the RW-Graphics website. All profits will be donated to FORDS Care, the Ben fund for ORCi drivers and official. You can do this by Visiting Ryan's site from the link below

Click Here to Visit Ryan's site

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Added: 18 Jun 2012
Casey Claims Tullyroan Final

Pat Casey took his first win in the 2 Litre Hot Rods at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday 16th of June.
A damp and slippery track set the scene for an action packed evening of racing.
The opening heat seen a win for former Irish champion Derek Martin, before Wayne Woolsey took the victory in heat two which had seen a number of race leaders stumble.
With a few light showers the track was wet for the final and Woolsey and Martin collided early on and ended up on the infield. Pat Casey got to the front and drove a controlled race to take the win, his first in the 2 Litre Hot Rods.


Heat 1 -920 (Derek Martin), 935, 959, 982, 918, 70, 9, 972, 54, 50
Heat 2 -50 (Wayne Woolsey), 972, 70, 920, 9, 959, 903, 342, 966, 54
Final - 999 (Pat Casey), 54, 70, 342, 918, 903, 926, 983, 980, 984

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Added: 18 Jun 2012
Shelley Takes Final At Ippy!

Heat 1

A sunny start to the meeting with Daniel Bennett taking the first honours of the evening with the race win, 182 Mike Walmsley winning a titanic battle for 2nd with 566 Marc Crome.

Heat 2

A clash between Marc Crome and 418 Craig Shelley but it's Crome who recovers and takes the flag in the second 2.0 Hot Rod heat, but fails scrutineering post-race due to a weight issue and Alex Crane inherits the win.


Craig Shelley takes the honours in the Final with his first place of the evening, 27 cars in the race and it's the best of the night so far with a thrilling climax, Craig saying he's "over the moon" as he just holds on for a flag to flag victory!

Report Courtesy of Spedeworth.co.uk


Heat 1 - 745 Daniel Bennett, 182, 566, 48, 29, 543, 310, 565, 43, 8.
Heat 2 - 11 Alex Crane, 182, 2, 146, 29, 745, 310, 39, 31, 8.
Final - 418 Craig Shelley, 745, 146, 8, 565, 29, 310, 31, 306, 43.

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Added: 11 Jun 2012
Steve 'Skitty' Skitmore

It is with great regret and sadness that on saturday Steve Skitmore of Boss Motorsport/Panels passed away. Steve was a fantastic national hot rodder of years gone by, and always put on a great show. He was a true gentlemen and always had time for everyone in the pits.
We would like to pass on our condolences to his family at this tough time.
RIP 471 Steve Skitmore, gone but never forgotten.

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Added: 10 Jun 2012
Hoosier Cup for Beatty

Philip Beatty won the 2012 Hoosier Tires cup at Ballymena Raceway on Friday 8th of June.
Bobbie Johnston took the honours in both the heats ahead of a closed grid final.
Johnston led the cars off but it was Beatty who got the better start off the front row and moved into the lead right away.
Beatty led throughout the race with Adam Best coming through to second and Johnston picking up third.


2012 Hoosier Cup
Heat 1 - 972 (Bobbie Johnston), 966, 959, 931, 997, 935, 920, 342, 50, 9, 70, 918
Heat 2 - 972 (Bobbie Johnson), 935, 918, 931, 959, 982, 50, 70, 997, 342
Final - 935 (Philip Beatty), 959, 972, 997, 70, 9, 9820, 342, 982

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