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Added: 06 Mar 2015
Hoosier Booking List Ipswich 07/03/15

A healthy entry of 29 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 2 of the Hoosier Racing Tire series at Ipswich on Saturday 07/03. Included in the entry is Martin Daizall in the ex- Paffey/Daktari Nova and visiting driver Dirk Albreht.
Lets hope the weather forecast is right for once and we get a dry fast meeting, the action starts at 6.45pm.

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Added: 16 Feb 2015
Paul Wright is 2015 London Champion

Well done to Paul Wright who after a win and a fifth place in the heats won the London Championship at Wimbledon on 15/02/15. In what has been described as a destructive meeting, Gavin Botfield won the first heat. Only 9 cars finished the final with Paul Wright driving a fine race to take the flag with Charlie Jowers in second and Dan Bennett taking third.


Heat 1: 303 Gavin Botfield,566,310,186,43,8,745,30,29,169
Heat 2: 43 Paul Wright,39,30,31,745,146,310,566,186,303
London Championship: 43 Paul Wright,31 Charlie Jowers, 745 Dan Bennett,146,8,3,330,169,69,NOF

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Added: 12 Feb 2015
London Championship Booking List

A healthy grid of 19 Hot Rods are booked in to contest the London Championship and Hoosier Racing Tires Series Round 1, at Wimbledon on 15/02/15.
James Forrest is booked in to race under number 69 and a Shaun Brooker under 169, I assume this is the former Superstox World Champion.
The action starts at 5.30pm, good luck to all drivers.

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Added: 17 Jan 2015
Wimbledon 18/01/15 Meeting Cancelled

Due to the low number of drivers booked in to race, Spedeworth have cancelled the meeting at Wimbledon 18/01/2015 which included 2 litre hot Rods. There were just 13 Hot Rods booked in to race.
I have made the decision not to race at Wimbledon due to drivers not giving each other room and not wanting to risk an expensive trip into the fence.
Brett Collison

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Added: 05 Jan 2015
Mark Paffey takes Winternational

Mark Paffey got back to winning ways by taking the Winternational at Wimbledon on New Years Day from Chris Crane and Gavin Botfield.
The Heats were won by Mark Paffey and Chris Crane.


Heat 1: 60 Mark Paffey,8,31,303,39,565,280,48,310,75
Heat 2: 75 Chris Crane,186,565,30,303,39,330,60,310,31
Winternational: 60 Mark Paffey,75 Chris Crane,303 Gavin Botfield,39,31,565,186,8,30,280

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Added: 02 Jan 2015
Murray rounds out 2014 in style

The final Irish meeting for 2014 at Tullyroan, lower numbers but still great racing

Jack Boal took first blood in the first 2.0 Hot Rods race, as the powerful hatchbacks struggled to adapt to the tricky underfoot conditions. Behind Jack in that first heat came World Champion Shane Murray and Stuart Cochrane, before Gareth Thompson took the second heat in some style and by some distance too. Boal and Cochrane filled the places in this one.

Veteran Davy Potter led the opening laps of the final, and fought off advances from Thompson and Boal early on. Murray soon worked his way through to second, and showed just why he wears the gold roof of World Champion by sweeping right around the outside and into the lead. Allen Cherry also impressed on his run to second, with debutant Derek McMillan a fine third in his immaculate Tigra.

Report with thanks to Darren Black


Heat One: 993 Jack Boal, 70, 979, 984, 914, 975, 929, 927, 999.
Heat Two: 929 Gareth Thompson, 993, 979, 70, 944, 914, 984, 975, 927.
Final: 70 Shane Murray, 914 Allen Cherry, 944 Derek McMillan, 993, 975, 927.

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Added: 23 Dec 2014
Winternational Booking list

18 Hot Rods are booked in to contest the Winternationals on New Years Day at Wimbledon. It's good to see Mark Constable booked in to race again after nearly a year out of racing. The action starts at 2pm.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

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Added: 01 Dec 2014
Sean O'Leary wins Hoosier Final

Well done to Sean O'Leary who took a clean sweep by winning the Hoosier Final as well as the series at Wimbledon on 30/11/14. The Hoosier Final was the first race of the night with drivers lined up in points order. Sean won the final from pole with Martin Codling second and Mark Paffey in third.
Sean O'Leary won the Hoosier Racing Tires series with 329 points, Martin Codling took second with 254 points and Chris Harvey finished third with 247 points.
Both Heats were won by George Turiccki. Spare a thought for Paul Wright who broke a couple of bones in his wrist in Heat 1 but carried on racing! We wish him a speedy recovery.
Thank you Hoosier for sponsoring the series.


Hoosier Final: 310 Sean O'Leary,30 Martin Codling,60 Mark Paffey,565,31,48,303,43,30,745.
Heat 1: 186 George Turiccki,330,566,146,310,745,39,43,31,60.
Heat 2: 186 George Turiccki,30,310,39,745,133,48,8,303,43.

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Added: 27 Nov 2014
Booking List Wimbledon 30/11/14

20 Hot Rods are booked in to contest the Hoosier Racing Tires Series Grand Final at Wimbledon on 30/11/14. Sean O'Leary cannot be caught in the points but there are plenty of tyres up for grabs in the Grand Final! The action starts at 5.30pm

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Added: 25 Nov 2014
Murray rises ahead

Before the opening race there was a very poignant minute's silence observed by the drivers in memory of their fellow racer Lee Cherry who sadly passed away recently. There was a notable debut for Davy Evans Jnr in a very smart Vauxhall Tigra, resplendent in the red and white colours and number 932 of his legend father of the same name. Gareth Thompson, behind the wheel of the former Wayne Woolsey car, took victory in the opening heat over World and National Champion Shane Murray and Irish Champion Joel Richardson.

Jack Boal made a welcome return to victory lane in the second race of the day, edging out Stuart Cochrane and Murray at the flag. The final saw Davy Potter set the early pace, before he clashed with Thompson. That opened the door for Murray and he surged on to victory and the Bevan Motorsport trophy. Thompson held on for a creditable second and he could well be one to watch in 2015 in his new car. Cochrane, Richardson and Sean Dynes rounded out the top five.

Report with thanks to Darren Black


Heat One: 929 Gareth Thompson, 70, 976, 924, 979, 993, 914, 975, 984, 999.
Heat Two: 993 Jack Boal, 979, 70, 975, 976, 924, 929, 984, 999, 941.
Final: 70 Shane Murray, 929 Gareth Thompson, 979 Stuart Cochrane, 976, 984, 983, 975, 932, 999.

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Added: 23 Nov 2014
Lee Cherry - RIP

2LitreHotRod.com were saddened to learn of the sudden passing of 2.0 Hot Rod racer Lee Cherry on Saturday the 16th of November 2014.

Lee was a popular figure around the Northern Irish tracks this season in his Vauxhall Tigra, and was proud to have qualified for the World Championship final in his first season in the formula.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to Lee's family and friends at this difficult time.

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Added: 17 Nov 2014
Chris Crane is Best in Britain

At a very wet Wimbledon on 16/11/14, Chris Crane won the Best in Britain from pole, Mark Paffey was second with Dan Smith in third.
Adam Hylands won heat 1 and Mark Paffey took heat 2.


Heat 1: 54 Adam Hylands,75,48,31,280,186,17,58,303,565
Heat 2: 60 Mark Paffey,565,566,745,280,75,43,71,133,330
Final: 75 Chris Crane,60 Mark Paffey,565 Dan Smith,48,186,280,31,43,745,133

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Added: 14 Nov 2014
Best in Britain Wimbledon 16/11/14

An excellent entry of 29 Hot Rods are booked in to tackle the classic Best in Britain meeting at Wimbledon on 16/11/14. Drivers from Northern Ireland and Scotland are making the trip to take on the home drivers to decide who is the Best in Britain! The action starts at 5.30pm.

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Added: 11 Nov 2014
2 Litre Hot Rods for Tipperary in 2015

News direct from the SORA committee - Spedeworth 2 Litre Hot Rods are to race as a class at Tipperary Raceway in 2015.

They have raced as part of the Visitors class during 2014 but have now been given their own class for 2015. Several SORA drivers already have cars ready and more are in the pipeline.

After an excellent 2014 season, the 2015 season looks to be even more successful with plenty of excellent racing in store

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Added: 05 Nov 2014
Marc Crome takes Hoosier R16

Marc Crome won the final of the Hoosier Racing Tires Series Round 16 at Yarmouth on 02/11/14 from Robert Gamble and Tommy Miller.
Brian Twinn won Heat 1 and Martin Codling took Heat 2.


Heat 1: 381 Brian Twinn,566,3,133,543,30,310,31,338,48
Heat 2: 30 Martin Codling,543,3,133,310,566,303,338,39,31
Final: 566 Marc Crome,133 Robert Gamble,543 Tommy Miller,3,338,48,30,381,303,31

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