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Added: 04 Jan 2017
George Turiccki takes Winternational

George Turiccki won the 2017 Winternational at a wet Wimbledon on New Years Day. Gavin Botfield was second with Dan Smith third. George also took Heat 2. Chris Crane took Heat 1.


Heat 1 - 75 Chris Crane, 8, 303, 186, 565, 118, 110, 30, 96, 280.
Heat 2 - 186 George Turiccki, 110, 565, 303, 118, 280, 75, 96, 30, 228.
Winternational - 186 George Turiccki, 303 Gavin Botfield, 565 Daniel Smith, 75, 118, 8, 113, 280, 110, 30.

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Added: 30 Dec 2016
Winternational Booking List 01/01/17

14 Hot Rods are currently booked in to contest the Winternational at Wimbledon on New Years Day. The action starts at 2pm.

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Added: 23 Dec 2016
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a winning New Year to everyone.

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Added: 06 Dec 2016
Hoosier Tires Final Wimbledon 04/12/16

The Hoosier Tire Series final took place at Wimbledon on 04/12/16. The Final was the first race of the evening, lined up in points order. World Champion Dan Smith took the final from series leader Martin Codling with Gavin Botfield in third.
Tyler Wilkin took Heat 1 and Kevin Randell took Heat 2.
Well done to Martin Codling for winning the series, with Dan Smith second and Lewis Shelley third.
Thank you to Hoosier Tires for sponsoring the series.



Final - 565 Dan Smith, 30 Martin Codling, 303 Gavin Botfield, 330, 186, 310, 8, 66, 96, 87.
Heat 1 - 330 Tyler Wilkin, 66, 745, 186, 303, 96, 565, 87, 30, 310.
Heat 2 - 96 Kevin Randell, 66, 303, 87, 30, 328, 186, 330, 228, NOF.

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Added: 01 Dec 2016
Hoosier Grand Final Booking List 04/12

The Hoosier Grand Final takes place at Wimbledon this Sunday. There are 14 drivers booked in, including the return of Jason Busby. Martin Codling leads the series with 293 points, with Lewis Shelley in second with 279 and Dan Smith third with 265. The action starts at 5.30pm.

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Added: 14 Nov 2016
Paul Wright Retains Best in Britain

Report by Paul WJS

The formula welcomed 2 former Best and World winners Jason Wilks and Kevin Randell. Wilks was racing a Corsa C, whilst Randell was out in a Saxo that seemed destined for his son Chris. There was also newcomer to the formula John Willis in the ex-McClure 205. Drier conditions than last year, but the track still seemed slippery. George Turiccki stepped off pole into the lead while in-form Richard Poulter clashed with Willis at the first turn and they both spun, Lewis Shelley ran out wide here and with his car stuck on the outside the race was halted to remove the car. At the green Turiccki pulled clear while further back Damon Wellman had a smokey blow-up on the back straight, as the cars behind tried to avoid Randell ended up taking a big t-bone from Luke Stonehouse, the pair scrambled to the centre. The next yellow came out when Michael Mills picked up a puncture, although initially parked up on turn 4 he crawled along the home straight and then started to reverse back, the yellows were out again but up front nothing was going to catch Turiccki. A much quieter heat two saw Paul Wright on pole and he pulled clear of Stonehouse, this would give Wright pole for the main race ahead of Chris Crane, Turiccki and Botfield. At the start Crane hung onto the outside for the first tour and then fell back into line. Wright edged ahead but that lead narrowed when the back-marking Willis cut across the front of him entering turn 3, Willis was hit sideways and straightened up allowing Wright to cut through on the inside with Crane and Turiccki now back on his bumper, Wright though eased clear to take his fourth Best in Britain title. After the flag Crane was disqualified for racing an unlogged tyre. Heat 1: 186, 11, 303, 75, 565, 745, 43, 110, 330, 30 Heat 2: 43, 280, 310, 110, 71, 745, 303, 330, 133 Final: 43, 186, 303, 11, 565, 745, 110, 71, 310, 280 Thanks to Paul - wjs
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Added: 10 Nov 2016
Best in Britain Entry List

A very good entry of 27 Hot Rods are currently booked in to contest the last "Best in Britain" meeting to be held for the formula at Wimbledon on 13/11/16. Included in the booking list from Scotland are Kenny Purdie and Gordon Alexander. 2 former World Champions are also returning to race at the meeting, Jason Wilks and Kevin Randell. What promises to be a lively meeting starts at 5.30pm.

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Added: 09 Nov 2016
The End of Wimbledon

Statement from Spedeworth:

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to announce that following a letter of confirmation from GRA Limited it is now confirmed that the 2016/17 winter season at Wimbledon Stadium will be the final season of short oval racing at the Plough Lane venue before the site is closed for re-development.

The rumours have gone on for years about the demise of Wimbledon Stadium with everyone wondering at the end of every season if we will return for another year.

Thanks to many people behind the scenes, there have been petitions, negotiations and many forms of communication to keep stock car racing in the capital city. Thanks to all of the efforts from everyone Wimbledon Stadium has continued to run stock car racing over the past few years and we have witnessed some of the best moments in the stadiums history from fantastic Banger events to the domestic events which caught everyone by surprise with the quality of the racing on the night.

Unfortunately, the final decisions have been made by the local authorities and the vote was passed for the re-development of the site.


At this time of year fixture planning for the 2017 season is well underway and we are going to be organising some superb events not to be missed before the final meeting at Plough Lane which will take place on Sunday 26th March 2017 when we will bid farewell to Wimbledon Stadium.

The history of the sport at Wimbledon Stadium will never be forgotten and before the gates close for the final time we will be making even more memories that people will be talking about for generations to come.

Over the next few weeks the meetings will be announced via the Spedeworth / Incarace websites with some big surprises added to the mix so don’t forget to check the websites to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming news and dates for your diary.

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to thank everyone for their support over the years at Wimbledon Stadium from the drivers, officials, medical teams, stadium staff and of course all the race fans who have joined us come rain (and sometimes snow) or shine to add to the unique atmosphere that Wimbledon Stadium has always had.

Continuing with the 2016 half of the season at Wimbledon Stadium the next meeting is this Sunday (13th November) featuring the first half of the Best In Britain which includes the 1300cc Stock Cars, 2.0 Hot Rods, Lightning Rods and Superstox. First race starts at 5.30pm!

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Added: 27 Oct 2016
Richard Poulter takes Hoosier Round 14

Richard Poulter took the final at at dry Ipswich on 22/10/16. George Turiccki was second with Niall Wood in third.
Sarah Cooper took her first win in the formula by taking Heat 1. Michael Mills took Heat 2.



Heat 1 - 483 Sarah Cooper, 98, 310, 118, 66, 330, 268, 566, 745, 186.

Heat 2 - 328 Michael Mills, 483, 268, 98, 310, 66, 186, 280, 11, 565.

Final - 98 Richard Poulter, 186 George Turiccki, 268 Niall Wood, 310, 280, 11, 483, 118, 745, 66.

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Added: 20 Oct 2016
Hoosier R14 Booking List Ipswich 22/10

25 Hot Rods are currently booked in to contest Round 14 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Ipswich on 22/10/16.
The series is being lead by Martin Codling on 283 points with Lewis Shelley in second on 259 points and the World Champion Dan Smith in third on 254 points.
The National Hot Rods and Superstox are also racing, so this meeting is not to be missed, the action starts at 6.45pm.

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Added: 18 Oct 2016
Alex Crane is 2016 National Champion

National championship result:
1st Alex Crane 11
2nd George Turiccki 186
3rd Nick Ross 93
4th Luke Stonehouse 280
5th Paul Wright 43
An excellent race in wet, greasy conditions. Well done to Alex Crane, your new national champion 🏁🏁

Lucy Webster

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Added: 13 Oct 2016
National Championship Booking List

26 cars are currently booked in to contest the National Championship at Birmingham on Saturday 15/10/16, racing starts at 6.30pm.

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Added: 03 Oct 2016
Paul Wright takes Hoosier Round 17

At a dry and sunny Northampton on 02/10/16, Paul Wright won the final from grid 4 and was well clear by the end of the race. Mr Consistent, Richard Poulter was second in all the days races. After winning both Heats, Martin Heath was third in the final to end a good days racing.

Paul from Whistlin Jack Smith's report:
21 cars started the day including Tony Moss in a new Saxo. James Forrest led the start of heat 1 until Martin Heath moved by, Forrest was suffering with engine problems and pulled off to the outside of turn 2 where Turiccki, Leech and Souter had also retired. Michael Mills was second over the line but ended up being docked.
For heat 2 with no white tops left, Mills led until 4 laps left when he left a huge gap exiting turn 4 and Heath dived inside, the pair made contact exiting the bend with Mills spun across the front of Heath to the centre. Heath took the chequers 4 laps later.
The points final saw the front six as Heath, Poulter, Codling, Wright, Gamble and Collison. Heath didn't make the best start from pole and Poulter was instantly into the led with Wright following by on the outside, a lap later he moved by on the inside when Poulter left a gap. Wright simply pulled away to win by almost the length of a straight. Thanks Paul - WJS


Heat 1:66 Martin Heath,98,275,328,118,43,30,565,303,11
Heat 2:66 Martin Heath,98,133,310,30,43,823,93,928,303
Final:43 Paul Wright,98,66,133,30,303,565,11,310,928

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Added: 29 Sep 2016
Hoosier R13 Northampton 02/10/16

An excellent entry of 24 Hot Rods are currently booked in to contest Round 13 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Northampton on 02/10/16. Martin Codling leads the series with 257 points, with Lewis Shelley second on 243 and Dan Smith third with 237. The action starts at 1.30pm.

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Added: 22 Sep 2016
George Turiccki takes Southern

George Turiccki takes Southern Championship on a fast and dry track at Eastbourne on 21/09/16. George also won Heat 1 with Gavin Botfield taking Heat 2.



Heat 1: 186 George Turiccki,8,330,98,75,565,146,30,303,275
Heat 2: 303 Gavin Botfield,30,29,146,565,75,745,118,186,98
Southern Championship 186 George Turiccki,303 Gavin Botfield,565 Dan Smith,75,146,8,29,745,310,35,275

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