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Added: 23 Apr 2014
All Roads lead to Lochgelly

This weekened sees the National Hot Rod and 2 Litre Hot Rod European championships being contested at Lochgelly.

Dan Smith will defend his title against a star studded field at the Scottish Venue.

The booking list is as follows:
European Championship Qualifiers

17 Kenny Purdie
26 John Campbell
39 Rick Pannell
43 Paul Wright
48 Layton Milsom
54 Adam Hylands
60 Mark Paffey
67 Kerr Paterson
70 Shane Murray
71 Gordon Alexander
75 Chris Crane
110 Jason Wilks
133 Robert Gamble
183 Tam Linden
199 Scott Bourne
280 Luke Stonehouse
310 Sean O'Leary
342 Adam Heatrick
537 Billy Clarke
565 Daniel Smith
745 Daniel Bennett
844 Billy Bonnar
871 Graeme Callander
908 Kris Fitzpatrick
923 Stephen Emerson
924 Mervyn Emerson
928 Dave Leech
931 Mark Madill
935 Philip Beatty
966 Thomas Dilly
Sunday Only
31 Charlie Jowers
58 Alex Wilson
251 William Hill
899 Paul Carruthers

For a full preview see HRP's website

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Added: 20 Apr 2014
Dynes Leads The Way at Tullyroan

Sean Dynes took the feature race win at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday 19th of April as the 2 Litres got in on the Easter weekend action.

There was a list of additional drivers who hadn’t made the previous meeting that put the cars numbers up into the mid twenties and provide top class race action throughout the evening.

The heat wins went the way of Thomas Dilly and Jack Boal, Boal a former star of BriSCA F2 is settling into the class very well.

Davy Morrison led the field away in the final with Sean Dynes alongside, Morrison got out of shape going onto the home straight at the end of the first lap, which allowed Dynes to get into the lead and away. An early stoppage for a spun backmarker bunched the pack up with Dynes leading the pack away again with Davy Potter in second and Boal in third.
Boal over committed to a pass on Potter after the restart and then ran wide as he took avoiding action of what would have been a sure collision, this allowed Adam Heatrick to go to the outside of Potter with Wayne Woolsey slotting in behind. For the next twelve of thirteen laps there was no change as Dynes pulled further and further into the lead and the pack got bunched up behind Potter, up until Wayne Woolsey got a pass up the inside of Potter on turns three and four putting Potter out of shape going onto the home straight which led him to come back across the #50 machine, tagging the back end of it and turning Woolsey into the wall, in the melee that followed early race leader Davy Morrison was also collected by Richard Stewart in turn one, everyone kept going and as the dust settled Shane Murray had made his way through into second with Adam Hylands in third, which was to be the finishing order.


Heat One: 966 Thomas Dilly, 984, 929, 923, 50, 991, 935, 54, 70, 993.
Heat Two: 993 Jack Boal, 975, 966, 984, 923, 70, 50, 931, 924, 979.
Final: 984 Sean Dynes, 70 Shane Murray, 54 Adam Hylands, 923, 935, 993, 50, 991, 966, 931.

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Added: 14 Apr 2014
Brett Collison takes Hoosier R5 Ipswich

In perfect track conditions (thank you to the track staff), Tyler Wilkin took an impressive heat double in his first meeting from the front in the 2 Litres at Ipswich on 12/04/14, he is one to watch.
After 10 years of trying Brett Collison (me) finally won a Hot Rod race at Ipswich by taking the final from the impressive Tyler Wilkin and consistent Tommy Miller.


Heat 1: 330 Tyler Wilkin,964,543,3,30,745,310,537,338,199
Heat 2: 330 Tyler Wilkin,537,543,3,338,30,310,133,88,43
Final: 275 Brett Collison,330 Tyler Wilkin,543 Tommy Miller,3,338,43,30,310,88,11

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Added: 10 Apr 2014
Hoosier Booking List Ipswich 12/04

31 Hot Rods are booked in to contest another round of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Ipswich on 31/04/14.
The series is currently led by Billy Clarke from Paul Wright and Sean O'Leary. The action starts at 6.45 pm.

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Added: 07 Apr 2014
Hat Trick for Richardson at Tullyroan

Joel Richardson took a hat trick of wins at the opening meeting of the season at Tullyroan Oval.

Richardson started the meeting from the white grade and led home Stephen Emerson and Thomas Dilly in the opening heat, in dry conditions.

The second heat was a wet race and Richardson once again cruised to a comfortable victory, this time with Shane Murray and Mark Madill in second and third.

For the final Richardson was moved back to the yellow grade, but drew the front of the grade in the draw and drove off into the distance taking a comfortable win ahead of Stephen Emerson and Mark Madill


Heat One: 976 Joel Richardson, 923, 966, 984, 979, 999, 70, 935, 988, 931.
Heat Two: 976 Joel Richardson, 70, 931, 988, 923, 935, 966, 979, 993, 975.
Final: 976 Joel Richardson, 923 Stephen Emerson, 931 Mark Madill, 54, 70, 935, 988, 975, 342, 966.

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Added: 01 Apr 2014
2.0 Hot Rods cancelled Yarmouth 6/4/14

Spedeworth have cancelled the 2.0 Hot Rods from the Yarmouth meeting on 6/4/14. Despite 15 drivers being booked in, they have decided to give us a break as they have realised racing every week is too much!

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Added: 01 Apr 2014
Alex Crane takes Hoosier R4 Aldershot

At a dry sunny Aldershot on 30/3/14 Alex Crane won Heat 1 and the final of Round 4 in the Hoosier Racing Tire Series. Billy Clarke took second in all three races with Chris Harvey third in the final. Sam Holland took the win in Heat 2. The racing was fairly clean with no stoppages all day!

Photos thanks to Damian Savage (OvalRacingPhotos.co.uk)

More of Damo's Photos Here


Heat 1: 11 Alex Crane,537,10,338,3,310,275,964,75,745
Heat 2: 10 Sam Holland,537,3,310,338,186,745,75,88,39
Final: 11 Alex Crane,537 Billy Clarke,3 Chris Harvey,310,186,43,39,75,565,275

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Added: 27 Mar 2014
Hoosier Tire R4 Booking List Aldershot

23 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 4 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at the season opener at Aldershot. The action starts at 1pm on Sunday 30/3/14.

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Added: 25 Mar 2014
Stonehouse Double at Hednesford

Luke Stonehouse took a heat and final double at Hednesford Hills on Sunday 23rd of March.
Former World Champion Jason Wilks took the spoils in the opening heat, before Stonehouse took the second heat and the final, with heat one winner Wilks the runner up in the feature race.


Heat 1 110 Jason Wilks 928 186 31 280 75 27 45 11 93
Heat 2 280 Luke Stonehouse 31 110 928 11 75 45 27 186 5
Final 280 Luke Stonehouse 110 Jason Wilks 133 Rob Gamble 928 186 45 27 5 93 75

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Added: 24 Mar 2014
Paterson Double at Lochgelly

Kerr Paterson took a heat and final double at Lochgelly on Sunday 23rd of March following and opening race win for Graeme Callendar


Heat One
871 Graeme Callendar, 17, 67, 844, 71, 58, 26, 899, 217, NOF.

Heat Two
67 Kerr Paterson, 871, 17, 71, 844, 26, 217, 183, 58, NOF.

67 Kerr Paterson, 871 Graeme Callendar, 17 Kenny Purdie, 26, 844, 71, 217, 58, 183, NOF.

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Added: 18 Mar 2014
Billy Clarke wins Hoosier R3

Following on from his final win a week earlier, Billy Clarke won the final at Wimbledon on 16/3/14 as well as Heat 2. The ever consistant Martin Codling took second in both heats and the final with Sean O'Leary in third. Tony Barnes won heat 1.


Heat 1: 42 Tony Barnes,30,31,43,745,186,565,566,310,48
Heat 2: 537 Billy Clarke,30,43,10,39,745,186,565,566,48
Final: 537 Billy Clarke,30 Martin Codling,310 Sean O'Leary,43,565,39,186,48,745,10

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Added: 14 Mar 2014
Hoosier Tire R3 Booking List Wimbledon

Just 13 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 3 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Wimbledon on 16/03/14. Paul Wright leads the series from Billy Clarke and Rick Pannell, the action starts at 5.30pm.

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Added: 11 Mar 2014
Billy Clarke wins Hoosier R2 at Pr1mo

On a glorious dry sunny Sunday afternoon at Pr1mo Northhampton on 9/3, 33 hot rods raced in round 2 of the Hoosier Racing Tire series. With such a large grid the results were dominated by the lower grade drivers.
Heat 1 had a couple of stoppages with Luke stonehouse coming through to take the win. Heat 2 was won by Robert Gamble.
After taking third in both heats, the final was won by Billy Clarke from Luke stonehouse and Alex Crane.


Heat 1:280 Luke Stonehouse,42,537,928,338,30,39,43,3,310
Heat 2:133 Robert Gamble,5,537,280,10,928,39,110,310,43
Final:537 Billy Clarke,280 Luke Stonehouse,11 Alex Crane,928,30,133,75,964,310,88

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Added: 09 Mar 2014
Purdie wins at Racewall Debut

The 2 Litre Hot Rods made their Cowdenbeath Racewall debut on Saturday 8th of March.
Kerr Paterson took the win in the opening heat, before Gordon Hendry won the second heat of the night.
The final went the way of Kenny Purdie who led home Hendry and Harry Denholm


Heat 1 - 67 (Kerr Paterson), 844, 183, 875, 17, 899, 217 nof
Heat 2 - 875 (Gordon Hendry), 17, 71, 183 nof
Final - 17 (Kenny Purdie), 875, 217 nof

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Added: 09 Mar 2014
Alexander Takes Lochgelly Opener

Gordon Alexander won the meeting final at the opening meeting of the season at Lochgelly on Sunday 2nd of March following heat wins from NI visitor Adam Hylands and Kerr Paterson


Heat One
54 Adam Hylands, 67, 71, 26, 871, 217, 899, NOF.
Heat Two
67 Kerr Paterson, 17, 844, 71, 54, 58, 871, 183, 26, 217.
71 Gordon Alexander, 17 Kenny Purdie, 183 Tam Linden, 217, 67, 54, 26, 871, 58, 899.

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