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Latest News

Added: 26 Aug 2014
Hylands Lands TRM Series

Adam Hylands won the Tullymore Road Motors Series at Tullyroan Oval on Sunday 24th of August.

The opening heat seen a win for Wayne Woolsey who led home Denver Grattan and Philip Beatty.
Heat two seen Jeff Riordan take his first win in the 2 Litres as he led home Jack Boal and Grattan.
With points added up from the 2 heats as well as the eight races in the previous two rounds it was Hylands who had landed pole for the series final with Shane Murray alongside.
Hylands and Murray drove off into the distance and took a one two by a considerable margin over Stephen Emerson who finished third.


TRM Challenge Series Grand Final
Heat 1: 950 Wayne Woolsey, 906, 935, 70, 54, 993, 979, 991, 923, 914.
Heat 2: 925 Jeff Riordan, 993, 906, 979, 935, 54, 70, 923, 914, 991.
Series Final: 54 Adam Hylands, 70 Shane Murray, 923 Stephen Emerson, 914, 993, 935, 991, 979, 984, 925.

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Added: 26 Aug 2014
Nick Ross Wins Hoosier R13

Nick Ross had a good day at Pr1mo Northampton on Bank Holiday Monday, he won Heat 1, was third in Heat 2 and then took the Final. Sam Holland finished second in the final with Mark Edwards in third. Dave Leech won Heat 2.


Heat 1: 93 Nick Ross,10,330,133,928,565,118,745,88,303
Heat 2: 928 Dave Leech,565,93,88,133,5,45,11,118,303
Final: 93 Nick Ross,10 Sam Holland,45 Mark Edwards,11,565,88,280,745,60,928

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Added: 21 Aug 2014
Pr1mo Northampton Booking List 25/08/14

29 Hot rods are booked in to contest Round 13 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Pr1mo Northampton on Bank Holiday Monday.
With the current top 2 in the series, Sean O'Leary and Martin Codling not racing, this will give third placed Tommy Miller and fourth placed Chris Harvey an opportunity to close the gap. Racing starts at 1.30pm.

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Added: 19 Aug 2014
Mark Paffey now East Anglian Champion

Spedeworth have now upheld a black flag decision against Dale Atkins who originally won the 2014 East Anglian Championship at Great Yarmouth on 17/08/14. Mark Paffey has now been declared the East Anglian Champion with Luke Stonehouse in second and Chris Crane in third. Dale won Heat 1 with Gavin Botfield taking the second heat. Dale has been excluded from the result and his car is now up for sale!


Heat 1:88 Dale Atkins,75,60,280,31,11,566,310,133,543
Heat 2:303 Gavin Botfield,118,88,60,543,11,280,31,330,NOF
East Anglian Championship : 60 Mark Paffey,280 Luke Stonehouse,75 Chris Crane,303,543,566,133,11,330

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Added: 14 Aug 2014
The Dutch Open is Coming!

It is coming, the first Dutch Open, 2.0 litre Hotrods by NNO Ter Apel (in association with Spedeworth Motorsports)
Ter Apel (The Netherlands)- After the first half of the 2014 Dutch ovalracing season, the developments of the Open Dutch Championship 2.0 litre Hotrods are very positive. With 4 meetings in the books we have seen a range of new cars and drivers in this formula at Raceway Ter Apel. The races have been very exciting and the track (with al it’s adjustments to make clockwise racing possible) looks very suitable for this formula. At the end of this year numbers are going up and we hope to end the season with 15 Dutch and German drivers.
Next fixtures:
* Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 August
Saturday practice
Sunday Round 5 Dutch Championship Ovalracing
* Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 September
Round 6 Finals Int. Dutch Championship
+ “Emming Motors” 2.0 litre Hotrods Dutch Open Trophy 2014
We are proud to invite at this first year of running this stunning formula, the Spedeworth & Incarace drivers to the Dutch Open Championship race. The Dutch and German drivers are looking forward to race together with their experienced colleagues from the UK. Come to The Netherlands and celebrate together with us the 35th years Anniversary of Ovalracing at Ter Apel and the Dutch Open Championship Ovalracing.
The schedule of this weekend is; Schedule ‘EMMING MOTORS’ Dutch Open 2.0 litre Hotrods 2014
Friday 26 september 19:00 ; Paddock open
Camping allowed
Saturday 27 september
08:30; Paddock open
10:30 – 12:00; Drivers registration
10:30 – 12:30; Scrutineering at the track
13:00 – 13:30; Practice 2.0 litre Hotrods
14:30 - 15.00; Official start Speedweekend 2014, 3 heats for all
Heat 1; Points for Dutch Championship, graded start, no qualification points for the Dutch Open
Heat 2; Qualifier 1 Dutch Open (Drawn grid)
Heat 3; Qualifier 2 Dutch Open (Drawn grid)
(At 19:30 sunset, so racing under the lights)
Sunday 28 september
11:30 uur; Official start day 2, 3 heats for all
Heat 4; Qualifier 3 Dutch Open (Drawn grid)
Heat 5; Parade Lap + “Emming Motors” Dutch Open Final + Award Ceremony
Heat 6; Revanche-race (Reversed grid, winner Dutch Open at the back of the grid)
Price money and trophy’s are available for the Emming Motors Dutch Open Champions and trophies available for ranking of the whole weekend.
So reserve the weekend 27th& 28th September and join us at the first Dutch raceweekend. Participate in the ‘Emming Motors Dutch Open 2.0 litre Hotrods’ which is officially listed on the Spedeworth & Incarace calender. Who is taking the first ‘Orange Lion’ on his roof!
Ter Apel is located in the North of Holland, near Emmen. The track combines a 465m longtrack and a 325m short track for the 2.0 litre Hotrods. The race facility provides everything you will need for a comfortable weekend in Holland.

Bookings and more information about racing in Ter Apel?
Contact us at info@ovalracing-terapel.nl
Bookings have also been made by Spedeworth/Incarace.

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Added: 12 Aug 2014
Hylands Wins at Tullyroan

Adam Hylands returned to winning ways at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday the 9th of August as the 2 Litres returned to race action in Northern Ireland for the first meeting after the World final staged there.
Philip Beatty and Wayne Woolsey shared the head wins.


Heat 1: 935 Philip Beatty, 950, 924, 54, 970, 979, 993, 76, 923, 918.
Heat 2: 950 Wayne Woolsey, 925, 970, 54, 976, 70, 923, 991, 993, 906.
Final: 54 Adam Hylands, 935 Philip Beatty, 991 Stefan McClelland, 923, 906, 993, 918, 976, 925.

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Added: 12 Aug 2014
Shelly Wins at Yarmouth

Lewis Shelly took the final win at Yarmouth on the 5th of August after heat wins from Layton Milsom and John Payne.


Heat 1 - 48 Layton Milsom, 118, 78, 133, 310, 3, 303, NOF
Heat 2 - 338 John Payne, 48, 543, 78, 310, 303, 118, 3, NOF.
Final - 118 Lewis Shelly, 543 Tommy Miller, 48 Layton Milsom, 78, 3, 303, NOF.

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Added: 12 Aug 2014
Exhausts Announcement

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to inform all 2.0 Hot Rods drivers that the exhaust rules for 2015 will remains as per the current 2014 2.0 Hot Rod Rules & Regulations and the planned exhaust rules for January 2015 will NOT be coming into effect.

The exhaust rules and regulations will be reviewed in 12 months times to allow drivers the opportunity to prepare for the 2016 racing season.

Source: Spedeworth.co.uk

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Added: 31 Jul 2014
Murray Masterclass Retains World Title

Shane Murray successfully defended his World Title at Tullyroan Oval’s Speedweekend on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of July, coming out top of a very wet final.
Saturday night’s action seen a 2/3rds format for the qualifying heats. Mark Madill took the opening heat win while all eyes were on a battle further down the field as Adam Heatrick battled with Adam Hylands and Wayne Woolsey.
The second heat and the second local winner of the night was Stephen Emerson, he took advantage of a good grid spot to claim the win.
A shower ahead of the third heat meant some slippery but drying conditions and provided the platform for the first visiting win of the weekend as Chris Crane took the flag.
With the stage set for Sunday afternoon’s final the heavens opened and what had started off a nice sunny meeting had quickly become somewhat of a very wet one, just in time for the World Championship itself. Shane Murray had claimed pole from the heats with Emerson alongside, Philip Beatty and Mark Madill lined up on row two with Jowers and Chris Crane on an all English row three, Heatrick and Alexander on row four completing the first group, while Wayne Woolsey was joined by Stuart Cochrane on the first row of the second group with Kerr Paterson and Adam Hylands behind that.
Murray was straight into the lead with Emerson slotting in behind hime with Philip Beatty in third.
There was early drama as Wayne Woolsey and Adam Heatrick made contact on the back straight sending Heatrick a spin and into the wall, Woolsey and Jowers then got tangled up as Hylands went for a gap on the exit of the same bend. Jowers and Woolsey were stranded on the outside of the bend bringing out the yellows, Hylands had got through but was dropping down the order rapidly suggesting he’d picked up damage in the process.
On the Restart Murray led them away with backmarker Vince Campbell between himself and Emerson with Beatty and Madill behind.
On the restart Campbell moved aside letting the leader through, with Murray pulling away from the off. The battler for second was heating up as Beatty pushed Emerson wide, sending Beatty into second and Emerson onto the outside and down the order. For the mid section of the race the top three remained settled with Murray increasing his lead lap after lap, Beatty running in second and Madill third while Chris Crane and Emerson completed the group battling for second.
In the closing laps Crane was on a charge, taking the third place spot from Madill with a few laps to go and going on to pass Beatty in the closing laps.
Murray went on to take a comfortable win by around three-quarters of a lap with Chris Crane and Philip Beatty second and third as they crossed the line, but Beatty and Crane were both docked for contact during the race promoting Madill to second and Emerson to third.

In the Support race there was a win for Stuart Cochrane.


2014 CP Dynes Championship of the World
Heat One: 931 Mark Madill, 935, 3, 979, 929, 10, 342, 54, 950, 991.
Heat Two: 923 Stephen Emerson, 71, 914, 950, 342, 70, 31, 935, 54, 931.
Heat Three: 75 Chris Crane, 70, 31, 67, 976, 745, 924, 923, 908, 928.
2014 World Final: 1st 70 Shane Murray, 2nd 931 Mark Madill, 3rd 923 Stephen Emerson, 75, 935, 979, 745, 303, 71, 976.
Tullyroan Grand Prix: 979 Stuart Cochrane, 935 Philip Beattie, 931 Mark Madill, 923, 54, 924, 976, 914, 928, 71.

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Added: 23 Jul 2014
Championship of the World Preview

If you race Sports cars you have to race at Le Mans, if it’s NASCAR then it’s Daytona, for Nationals it’s Ipswich and you’ve a 2 Litre Hot Rod then you have to experience the World final in Northern Ireland. This is the 10th running of the annual speedweekend in Northern Ireland and on each occasion the 2 Litre’s have topped the bill and this year sees the fourth staging of the 2 Litre Hot Rod Championship of the World by Davy McCall’s promotion.

After putting on a master class at last year’s Ipswich Spedeweekend to win the 2013 World title, it’s Randalstown’s Shane Murray who defends the title. Shane hasn’t been just as dominant at home this season as he perhaps was last season, but has still popped up to win both rounds of the Tullymore Road Motors Series with closed grid starts. When it’s big race day Shane is never far off the pace, don’t be surprised if he retains the title.
Portadown’s Adam Hylands was runner up in 2013 and goes into the World final on a rich vein of form, picking up the European and British Championships this season already. If you’re looking for omens then Murray and Hylands have traded titles this season, if Murray won it last year then Hylands has won it this year and vice versa. Adam hasn’t always had the best of luck in the local Speedweekend’s, but I’m sure he’ll be there or there abouts come the chequered flag on Sunday afternoon.

While many people will see Murray and Hylands as the two hot favourites for the world, there is plenty of more than capable drivers throughout the remainder of the field.
Former Lightning Rod World Champion Stephen Emerson is in just his second full season in the 2 Litres and has already been taking podium places in the big events at home, he knows his way around Tullyroan and is likely to be at the business end of the field throughout the weekend.
After a season of on/ off racing, double world champion Wayne Woolsey just about made it into the field this weekend. Wayne took his first world title at Nuttscorner Oval in 2008 before going on to defend it in 2009 at Hednesford, he started last year’s British Championship at the Tullyroan Speedweekend on the front row and don’t be surprised if he is there or there abouts on Sunday afternoon.
Mark Madill, Adam Heatrick and Philip Beatty have done a number of seasons in the 2 Litres now, each have posted victories and all of them are at the wheel of very quick Saxo’s and could well get up amongst the Trophies.
More recent recruits to the class include Allen Cherry who made the switch from ProStocks last season and is at the wheel of a Davy McCall prepared Corsa. Former F2 racer Jack Boal has moved into the class this year and has proved to be quick in an ex Wayne Woolsey Corsa. Perhaps the fastest newcomer to the class though is Joel Richardson, Joel picked up a second place in the British Championship at Hednesford on his first trip away to race, he went on to qualify well up in the National championship at Ipswich and has been quick around Tullyroan.

The visiting contingent is led by England’s Charlie Jowers and Scotland’s Gordon Alexander. Jowers has been a regular at the Northern Ireland Speedweekends in recent years and took a top 10 finish in the British Championship when it was staged at Tullyroan last year, he’ll be keen to build on that.
Gordon Alexander is another driver who is well used to making the trip to NI, a seasoned veteran of the Saloon Stock Cars, Gordon was a regular at their big weekends in Ulster. Since moving to the 2 Litres he has made several trips across the water. Alexander impressed at Lochgelly during the European weekend and will be looking to get into the mix this weekend.

The action starts on Saturday night with a ⅔ format for the qualifying heats and the big race will be staged on Sunday afternoon.
May the best man (or woman) win!

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Added: 22 Jul 2014
2014 World Championship Booking List

The wait is almost over, the 2014 World Championship is this weekend.
A full preview will follow, but for now here is the booking list

DMC Race Promotions
54 Adam Hylands
70 Shane Murray
342 Adam Heatrick
906 Denver Grattan
908 Kris Fitzpatrick
914 Allen Cherry
918 Richard Stewart
923 Stephen Emerson
924 Mervyn Emerson
929 Gareth Thompson
931 Mark Madill
935 Philip Beatty
945 Lee Cherry
950 Wayne Woolsey
966 Thomas Dilly
970 John Murray
975 Davy Potter
976 Joel Richardson
979 Stuart Cochrane
983 Vince Campbell
984 Sean Dynes
989 Andy Emerson
991 Stefan McClelland
993 Jack Boal

3 Chris Harvey
10 Samantha Holland
11 Alex Crane
31 Charlie Jowers
75 Chris Crane
133 Robert Gamble
280 Luke Stonehouse
303 Gavin Botfield
745 Daniel Bennett
928 Dave Leech

67 Kerr Paterson
71 Gordon Alexander
183 Tam Linden

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Added: 17 Jul 2014
World Final T-Shirts on Sale

2014 2 Litre Hot Rods Championship of the world and Tullyroan Oval Summer Speedweekend t-shirt, designed by Gridart!

This is your chance to own a bit of NI Oval Racing History as the first t-shirt to have been produced for a major championship or Speedweekend staged in the province.

Buy Online Here

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Added: 17 Jul 2014
Scott Morgan takes Hoosier R10

Round 10 of the Hoosier Racing Tires series took place at a dry and hot Arlington on 16/07/14. The heat must have got to the drivers as the driving standards can only be described as shocking!! There was probably more contact in the Hot Rods than the stock cars.
Dalton Scarlett managed to stay ahead and take a well deserved first win in Heat 1 from a determined Chris Harvey.
Scott Morgan took Heat 2, then won the final again from Chris Harvey and Gavin Botfield.


Heat 1:78 Dalton Scarlett,3,30,745,310,31,303,330,280,29
Heat 2:146 Scott Morgan,29,330,303,745,60,31,280,258,310
Final:146 Scott Morgan,3 Chris Harvey,303 Gavin Botfield,29,310,60,31,745,30,280

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Added: 15 Jul 2014
Hylands Double at Aghadowey

Adam Hylands set out his stall ahead of the 2 Litre Hot Rod World final by taking a heat and final double as the 2 Litres raced for the last time in Northern Ireland ahead of their World final in just under 2 weeks time.
Hylands took the win in a very wet opening heat after the heavens had opened a few races earlier.
Heat two went the way of Wayne Woolsey
There was just nine cars out for the final, as I’m sure a mixtures of the earlier wet conditions and drivers wanting to preserve their car for the world final took it’s toll.
Hylands again took the win with Wayne Woolsey second and Mervyn Emerson third


Heat One: 54 Adam Hylands, 70, 935, 976, 924, 923, 970, 918, 966, 991.
Heat Two: 950 Wayne Woolsey, 970, 54, 70, 976, 935, 924, 991.
Final: 54 Adam Hylands, 950 Wayne Woolsey, 924 Mervyn Emerson, 70, 970, 935, 991.

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Added: 14 Jul 2014
Hoosier Booking List Arlington 16/07

19 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 10 of the Hoosier Racing Tires Series at Arlington on Wednesday 16/07/14. Included in the booking list is Wilf Bridges, the action starts at 7.30pm.

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