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Latest News

Added: 22 Jul 2014
2014 World Championship Booking List

The wait is almost over, the 2014 World Championship is this weekend.
A full preview will follow, but for now here is the booking list

DMC Race Promotions
54 Adam Hylands
70 Shane Murray
342 Adam Heatrick
906 Denver Grattan
908 Kris Fitzpatrick
914 Allen Cherry
918 Richard Stewart
923 Stephen Emerson
924 Mervyn Emerson
929 Gareth Thompson
931 Mark Madill
935 Philip Beatty
945 Lee Cherry
950 Wayne Woolsey
966 Thomas Dilly
970 John Murray
975 Davy Potter
976 Joel Richardson
979 Stuart Cochrane
983 Vince Campbell
984 Sean Dynes
989 Andy Emerson
991 Stefan McClelland
993 Jack Boal

3 Chris Harvey
10 Samantha Holland
11 Alex Crane
31 Charlie Jowers
75 Chris Crane
133 Robert Gamble
280 Luke Stonehouse
303 Gavin Botfield
745 Daniel Bennett
928 Dave Leech

67 Kerr Paterson
71 Gordon Alexander
183 Tam Linden

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Added: 17 Jul 2014
World Final T-Shirts on Sale

2014 2 Litre Hot Rods Championship of the world and Tullyroan Oval Summer Speedweekend t-shirt, designed by Gridart!

This is your chance to own a bit of NI Oval Racing History as the first t-shirt to have been produced for a major championship or Speedweekend staged in the province.

Buy Online Here

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Added: 17 Jul 2014
Scott Morgan takes Hoosier R10

Round 10 of the Hoosier Racing Tires series took place at a dry and hot Arlington on 16/07/14. The heat must have got to the drivers as the driving standards can only be described as shocking!! There was probably more contact in the Hot Rods than the stock cars.
Dalton Scarlett managed to stay ahead and take a well deserved first win in Heat 1 from a determined Chris Harvey.
Scott Morgan took Heat 2, then won the final again from Chris Harvey and Gavin Botfield.


Heat 1:78 Dalton Scarlett,3,30,745,310,31,303,330,280,29
Heat 2:146 Scott Morgan,29,330,303,745,60,31,280,258,310
Final:146 Scott Morgan,3 Chris Harvey,303 Gavin Botfield,29,310,60,31,745,30,280

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Added: 15 Jul 2014
Hylands Double at Aghadowey

Adam Hylands set out his stall ahead of the 2 Litre Hot Rod World final by taking a heat and final double as the 2 Litres raced for the last time in Northern Ireland ahead of their World final in just under 2 weeks time.
Hylands took the win in a very wet opening heat after the heavens had opened a few races earlier.
Heat two went the way of Wayne Woolsey
There was just nine cars out for the final, as I’m sure a mixtures of the earlier wet conditions and drivers wanting to preserve their car for the world final took it’s toll.
Hylands again took the win with Wayne Woolsey second and Mervyn Emerson third


Heat One: 54 Adam Hylands, 70, 935, 976, 924, 923, 970, 918, 966, 991.
Heat Two: 950 Wayne Woolsey, 970, 54, 70, 976, 935, 924, 991.
Final: 54 Adam Hylands, 950 Wayne Woolsey, 924 Mervyn Emerson, 70, 970, 935, 991.

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Added: 14 Jul 2014
Hoosier Booking List Arlington 16/07

19 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 10 of the Hoosier Racing Tires Series at Arlington on Wednesday 16/07/14. Included in the booking list is Wilf Bridges, the action starts at 7.30pm.

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Added: 07 Jul 2014
Shane Murray is National Champion

The qualifying heats for the National Championship took place on the Saturday of the Ipswich Spedeweekend. In dry conditions Adam Hylands took Heat 1 from Mark Paffey and Dale Atkins. Heat 2 was won by Paul Wright from Chris Crane and Dan Smith.
After the points were added up, Mark Paffey took pole position for the National Championship which took place on the Sunday. On a wet track Mark led for the first few laps, then Dale Atkins took over, meanwhile Shane Murray was making progress but earned a black cross for knocking another driver out wide. Paul Wright was also on the move, Shane took over the lead but Paul looked the faster driver. In the closing laps Paul tried the outside line several times but could not make it stick. At the final corner Paul managed to get the inside line and they crossed the line side by side. They had treated the crowd to some excellent racing, the cameras showed that Shane crossed the line first and after a stewards enquiry they decided that he could keep the win. Dale Atkins was third with Chris Crane in fourth.


Heat 1: 54 Adam Hylands,60,88,31,70,342,976,280,11,979
Heat 2: 43 Paul Wright,75,565,110,993,303,935,3,745,30
National Championship: 70 Shane Murray,43 Paul Wright,88 Dale Atkins,75,54,303,110,71,871,565

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Added: 02 Jul 2014
National Championship Ipswich 05/07/14

There is an truly international line up of drivers to contest the National Championship at Spedeweekend at Ipswich. 36 drivers from all over the UK and Europe will take part in the qualifying heats on Saturday 05/07 to determine the grid for the National Championship on Sunday 06/07.
Can someone break the Irish dominance and take the title? Can Paul Wright win another title? Good luck to all the drivers.
Drivers booked in:
3 Chris Harvey
11 Alex Crane
H22 Martijn Vowinkel
30 Martin Codling
31 Charlie Jowers
43 Paul Wright
45 Mark Edwards
48 Layton Milsom
54 Adam Hylands
60 Mark Paffey
67 Kerr Paterson
70 Shane Murray
71 Gordon Alexander
75 Chris Crane
88 Dale Atkins
90 Dirk Albrecht
110 Jason Wilks
D116 Frank Nohring
118 Lewis Shelley
183 Tam Lindon
280 Luke Stonehouse
303 Gavin Botfield
310 Sean O'Leary
338 John Payne
342 Adam Heatrick
D351 Christian Baer
D453 Helmut Laumen
565 Daniel Smith
745 Daniel Bennett
844 Billy Bonnar
871 Graeme Callendar
931 Mark Madill
935 Philip Beatty
976 Joel Richardson
979 Stuart Cochrane
993 Jack Boal

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Added: 24 Jun 2014
Tommy Miller's Hatrick at Yarmouth

Tommy Miller cleaned up in Round 9 of the Hoosier Racing Tires Series at Yarmouth on 22/06/14. He won both the heats and then finished off his perfect day by winning the final from Martin Codling and John Payne.


Heat 1:543 Tommy Miller,30,338,48,310,115
Heat 2:543 Tommy Miller,115,338,310,48,30,78,381,207
Final:543 Tommy Miller,30 Martin Codling,338 John Payne,48,310,115,78

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Added: 23 Jun 2014
2014 World Championship Early Details

DMC Race Promotions in association with Spedeworth Motorsports are proud to announce details of the feature event of our July Speedweekend, the 2014 2.0 Hot Rods Championship of the World.

The event, to be staged at Tullyroan Oval on July 26th/27th, is the highlight of our 2014 season, and it is sure to be a hotly contested weekend of racing. The event will be limited to 36 starters, with 3 x 2/3rd's reverse grid heats on the Saturday deciding the make up for Sunday's World Final grid.

The allocation of places is as follows:

DMC Race Promotions: 16
Spedeworth Motorsports: 8
Incarace: 5
Hardie Race Promotions: 6
Holland/Ter Apel: 1

The Northern Ireland drivers from DMC Race Promotions will be declared following the meeting at Tullyroan Oval this Sunday, June 22nd. The top 16 invited drivers in the World Qualifying points chart will be offered places, with this number possibly being increased slightly should any of the other promotions fail to fill their own allocation. An up to date points chart is now available in the Points section of the website.

The countdown is well and truly on to the biggest weekend of the year in Ulster, with a full support programme of championship races also in store. These include the ProStocks Irish Open Championship, Lightning Rods Irish Open Championship, 1300 Stock Cars Irish Masters, Stock Rods Tullyroan Supercup, Ninja Karts Stars of Tomorrow Challenge, Superstox Moffett Shield and Junior Productions Teen Sensations Supercup.

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Added: 23 Jun 2014
Murray wins TRM Round 2

World Champion Shane Murray won the final in the second round of the Tullymore Road Motors Series for the 2 Litres at Tullyroan Oval on Sunday 22nd of June as the class made their final appearance there ahead of the World Final at the end of July.
Adam Hylands set out his stall early on by taking the opening heat win of the day from a graded start, before Joel Richardson took the win in an action packed heat two.
Hylands and Richardson shared the front row of the grid, but it wasn’t long before it was Hylands and Murray out in front. Mid race Richardson had dropped back and ended up spun on the start of the start and finish straight and upon rejoining he drove across the front of Hylands who’d been leading, costing Hylands time and allowing Murray up the inside. That left the pair to battle for the lead for the remainder of the race with Murray holding on to take the win with Hylands second and Mark Madill picking up third.


TRM Tullymore Road Motors Challenge Series Round 2
Heat 1: 54 Adam Hylands, 914, 70, 976, 908, 935, 906, 993, 975, 931.
Heat 2: 976 Joel Richardson, 54, 931, 914, 950, 918, 991, 70, 908, 975.
Final: 70 Shane Murray, 54 Adam Hylands, 931 Mark Madill, 935, 914, 908, 906, 924, 991, 918.

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Added: 21 Jun 2014
Hoosier Booking List Yarmouth 22/06/14

Just 10 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 9 of the Hoosier Racing Tires Series at Yarmouth on Sunday 22/06/14, the action starts at 5.30pm.

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Added: 15 Jun 2014
Hylands Wins at Aghadowey

Adam Hylands notched up another feature race win at Aghadowey Oval on Friday 13th of June.
On a night of damp and slippery conditions it was Stuart Cohrane who took the opening race win in his Tigra. Allen Cherry let Cochrane home in heat two.
Hylands who’d taken third place in both the heats went on to win the final, leading home Stephen Emerson and Shane Murray.


Heat 1: 979 Stuart Cochrane, 976, 54, 70, 914, 935, 923, 906, 993, 924.
Heat 2: 914 Allen Cherry, 979, 54, 976, 70, 923, 993, 906, 966, 935.
Final: 54 Adam Hylands, 923 Stephen Emerson, 70 Shane Murray, 976, 935, 979, 993, 991, 914, 906.

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Added: 09 Jun 2014
Bradley Dynes takes Hoosier Round 8

Round 8 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series took place at a very hot and sunny Aldershot on Sunday 08/06/14.
Heat 1 was lead from the start by Brett Collison until in the last few laps Bradley Dynes bashed his way through to the lead. Quite rightly Bradley was docked 2 places and Brett took the win. Brett lead Heat 2 until a yellow flag was needed to clear up a crash which included John Payne and Sam Holland. At the restart Brett's car developed a misfire allowing Bradley Dynes to take over the lead and the win.
Bradley Dynes took over the lead in the final and went on to take the win from Scott Morgan and Sean O'Leary.

Photos Damian Savage


Heat 1:275 Brett Collison,88,964,10,565,338,43,745,60,75
Heat 2:964 Bradley Dynes,29,310,565,75,11,60,146,745,21
Final:964 Bradley Dynes,146 Scott Morgan,310 Sean O'Leary,565,43,745,29,275,48,11

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Added: 05 Jun 2014
Hoosier Booking List Aldershot 08/06

22 Hot rods are booked in to contest Round 8 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Aldershot on 8/6/14. Included in the line up are most of the Peacock family, Mike Edwards, Dalton Scarlett and the return of Jamie White. Welcome visiting drivers Christian Baer and Helmet Lauren are also booked in. The National Hot Rods are racing in their last qualifying round as well so making Aldershot this Sunday a meeting not to miss! Racing starts at 1pm

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Added: 01 Jun 2014
Hylands Crowned King of Aghadowey

At Aghadowey Oval on Saturday 31st May the 2 Litre Hot Rods raced for their King of Aghadowey trophy, running from a closed reverse grid format it was Stephen Emerson who took heat one with Adam Hylands taking the win in heat two to give him pole for the final. Hylands took the final win with Emerson second and Shane Murray third racing the Saxo that John Murray had out at the previous Aghadowey meeting.


Heat One: 923 Stephen Emerson, 931, 54, 976, 984, 966, 935, 70, 993, 979.
Heat Two: 54 Adam Hylands, 342, 923, 70, 979, 991, 935, 966, 984, 976.
Final: 54 Adam Hylands, 923 Stephen Emerson, 70 Shane Murray, 342, 979, 966, 984, 931, 935, 993.

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