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Latest News

Added: 29 Sep 2014
Damo takes Heat and Final Double

Damon Wellman won the first Heat at Aldershot on 28/09/14. John Payne took Heat 2. Following on from his earlier success, Damon also took the final from Mark Paffey and Layton Milsom.


Heat 1: 8 Damon Wellman,338,48,30,60,310,565,39,330,51
Heat 2: 338 John Payne,48,30,60,8,310,39,110,565,NOF
Final: 8 Damon Wellman,60 Mark Paffey,48 Layton Milsom,565,39,30,310,42,29,110

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Added: 25 Sep 2014
Aldershot 28/09/14 Booking List

15 Hot Rods are booked in to race at Aldershot on Sunday 28/08/14. Numbers are down as some drivers are taking part in the Dutch Open. Included in the line up are ex Superstox World Champion Nick Smith and returnee Roy Cook. The action starts at 1pm.

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Added: 15 Sep 2014
Emerson Brothers engage in heated battle

A healthy field of 2.0 Hot Rods included a debut for usual Stock Rod star Ben McCully in the ex-Gary Wilson Corsa, and it was European, British and Irish Champion Adam Hylands who stormed through from the star grade to take the opening victory of the day over Stephen Emerson and Stuart Cochrane.

Cochrane then inherited the win in heat two, after on the road victor Sean Dynes was docked two places for contact during the race. Mervyn Emerson inherited second ahead the unfortunate Dynes.

Mervyn Emerson quickly demoted Davy Potter to take up the running in the final, before the star men began to reel him in. Within the final stages of proceedings they were right with him , led by his brother Stephen. Stephen quickly hit the difficult outside line looking for the pass, with Mark Madill, Hylands, Cochrane and Joel Richardson all in close proximity too. Mervyn was under immense pressure in what was becoming a sensational finish, and he just managed to hold his brother off by inches as the chequered flag fell. Madill was well pleased in third on his return following a huge crash last month, with Hylands and Richardson next up as the top six crossed the line almost as one.

An excellent days racing at Tullyroan, where racing rarely disappoints. The next meeting is on the 4th of October


Heat One: 54 Adam Hylands, 923, 979, 70, 931, 976, 924, 935, 975, 984.
Heat Two: 979 Stuart Cochrane, 924, 984, 70, 54, 923, 976, 935, 983, 975.
Final: 924 Mervyn Emerson, 923 Stephen Emerson, 931 Mark Madill, 54, 976, 979, 70, 935, 975, 983.

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Added: 15 Sep 2014
Change of Webmaster at 2litrehotrod.com

In 2009 I took on the role of webmaster for 2litrehotrod.com full of big ideas that I’ve never really been able to make happen.

As the class has expanded in recent years it has become harder and harder to stay on top of the site as well as maintain the other sites and activities that I’m involved in and at times there has been items sitting in my inbox to be actioned for weeks before making it to the website.
Even though the site probably now has more contributors than ever my own contribution to it has been slipping and this has led me to the conclusion that it’s better for the site and ultimately the class if it was in better hands.
With immediate effect Ed Fahey will take over the day to day running of the website, hopefully with the continued support of those who have supported me.

Ed has been a regular at DMC tracks this season and returns to the ovals with years of experience photoing circuit racing around the globe. Ed has been keen contributor to 2litrehotrod.com and nationalhotrod.com in recent months and I’m sure will lead the site in the right direction.
Before signing off I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the site in recent years, contributors, readers, promoters and of course the drivers who have it on their cars.


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Added: 15 Sep 2014
Paul Wright is 2014 English Champion

Paul Wright won the English Championship at Ipswich on the 13/09/14, Mark Paffey was second with Dan Smith in third.
Alex Crane won the the first heat with Lewis Shelley taking the second heat.


Heat 1: 11 Alex Crane,43,75,280,928,31,303,60,565,543
Heat 2: 118 Lewis Shelley,39,60,8,565,303,43,543,280,10
English Championship: 43 Paul Wright,60 Mark Paffey,565 Dan Smith,303,280,39,928,8,118,48

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Added: 11 Sep 2014
English Championship Booking List

30 Hot Rods are booked in to contest the English Championship at Ipswich on the 13/09/14. Included in the line up is defending champion Charlie Jowers and the return of Damon Wellman in a Corsa "C". The action starts at 6.45pm.

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Added: 10 Sep 2014
Hylands on Top again at Tullyroan

The second day of the DMC September Speedweekend seen the action move to Tullyroan Oval where the 2 Litres raced for their Tullyroan Challenge Cup.

Stuart Cochrane and Joel Richardson shared the heat wins.
Two second places were enough to put Adam Hylands on pole for the final and from there he never looked back, taking a comfortable win. Joel Richardson who had shared the front row finished second with Stephen Emerson third.


2014 Tullyroan Challenge Cup sponsored by Rumbles Hot Food Bar, Tandragee
Heat One: 979 Stuart Cochrane, 54, 923, 950, 976, 924, 935, 914, 71, 993.
Heat Two: 976 Joel Richardson, 54, 67, 993, 924, 935, 923, 914, 991, 984.
Tullyroan Challenge Cup: 54 Adam Hylands, 976 Joel Richardson, 923 Stephen Emerson, 67, 924, 914, 935, 979, 993, 71.

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Added: 10 Sep 2014
Emerson Lands First 2 Litre Title

As part of the DMC September Speedweekend the 2 Litre Hot Rods raced for their Irish Open Championship on Saturday night at Aghadowey Oval.
Stephen Emerson landed his first title in the 2 Litres after he took pole for the final and drove a flawless race to take the win. Earlier in the evening Wayne Woolsey had won the opening race and Joel Richardson had won heat two, but it was Emerson and Shane Murray’s results that put them on the front row for the final. Emerson took a lights to flag but most eyes were on Adam Hylands as he made his way through the pack from a lowly qualifying position following a spin in heat one. Hylands finished second on the track but had made contact with Shane Murray on his way to taking second, spinning the world champion and gaining Hylands a black cross and a two place docking which promoted Wayne Woolsey to second and Joel Richardson to third.


2014 Irish Open Championship sponsored by Rumbles Hot Food Bar, Tandragee
Heat One: 950 Wayne Woolsey, 924, 935, 923, 342, 70, 54, 993, 914, 67.
Heat Two: 976 Joel Richardson, 67, 70, 923, 342, 54, 993, 71, 950, 945.
Irish Open Championship: 923 Stephen Emerson, 950 Wayne Woolsey, 976 Joel Richardson, 54, 342, 67, 993, 924, 935, 914.

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Added: 04 Sep 2014
Dan Smith takes Southern Championship

Dan Smith won the Southern Championship from pole at a dry Arlington on 03/09/14. The crowd was denied a great battle between Charlie Jowers and Dan as a backmarking Wilf Bridges got in the way in the final, with Charlie ending up hitting the armco and then retiring to continue his bad luck from Heat 2. Sean O'Leary took a well deserved second place and with his good results from the heats has extended his lead in the Hoosier Racing Tires Series. Lewis Shelley took third with a fine drive.
The racing was much cleaner than the previous meeting at Arlington, no doubt helped by Deane taking the drivers' briefing.
Heat 1 was won by Chris Crane. Mark Paffey was an early retirement with his car smoking badly.
Heat 2 had an early stoppage after John Payne was put in the wall with Dan Bennett being excluded as the cause. Charlie Jowers got by Rick Pannell on the exit of the scoreboard bend to take the lead in an optimistic move and received a harsh black flag for his efforts. Charlie took the flag but was docked two places, which no doubt cost him pole for the big race. Luke Stonehouse inherited the win.


Heat 1: 75 Chris Crane,565,3,745,338,310,303,29,31,48
Heat 2: 280 Luke Stonehouse,118,31,39,310,11,29,303,565,48
Southern Championship:565 Dan Smith,310 Sean O'Leary,118 Lewis Shelley,39,303,60,48,75,11,58

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Added: 01 Sep 2014
Woolsey Double at Tullyroan

Wayne Woolsey took a heat and final double at Tullyroan Oval on Sunday 31st of August.
With the Irish Open Championship just one week away the car numbers were down a little on usual, but included amongst them was a new Ford Fiesta of Pat Casey’s, it’s nice to see something different on track and it looked the part into the bargain.
Mervyn Emerson took the opening heat win leading home Stuart Cochrane with Philip Beatty in third and the field bunched up behind him while Wayne Woolsey spent a large proportion of the race on the outside of Beatty.
Woolsey took a comfortable win in heat two leading home Emerson and Joel Richardson before going on to take the spoils in the final leading home Shane Murray and Emerson.


Heat 1: 924 Mervyn Emerson, 979, 935, 950, 70, 976, 993, 914, 991, 925.
Heat 1: 950 Wayne Woolsey, 924, 976, 70, 991, 984, 979, 935, 999, 914.
Final: 950 Wayne Woolsey, 70 Shane Murray, 924 Mervyn Emerson, 979, 993, 976, 935, 991, 925, 999.

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Added: 01 Sep 2014
Southern Championship Booking List

14 Hot Rods are booked in to contest the Southern Championship at the tight Arlington track on Wednesday 03/09/14.
This is also Round 14 of the Hoosier Racing Tires Series, which is currently being lead by Sean O'Leary from Martin Codling and Chris Harvey. The action starts at 7.30pm.

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Added: 26 Aug 2014
Hylands Lands TRM Series

Adam Hylands won the Tullymore Road Motors Series at Tullyroan Oval on Sunday 24th of August.

The opening heat seen a win for Wayne Woolsey who led home Denver Grattan and Philip Beatty.
Heat two seen Jeff Riordan take his first win in the 2 Litres as he led home Jack Boal and Grattan.
With points added up from the 2 heats as well as the eight races in the previous two rounds it was Hylands who had landed pole for the series final with Shane Murray alongside.
Hylands and Murray drove off into the distance and took a one two by a considerable margin over Stephen Emerson who finished third.


TRM Challenge Series Grand Final
Heat 1: 950 Wayne Woolsey, 906, 935, 70, 54, 993, 979, 991, 923, 914.
Heat 2: 925 Jeff Riordan, 993, 906, 979, 935, 54, 70, 923, 914, 991.
Series Final: 54 Adam Hylands, 70 Shane Murray, 923 Stephen Emerson, 914, 993, 935, 991, 979, 984, 925.

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Added: 26 Aug 2014
Nick Ross Wins Hoosier R13

Nick Ross had a good day at Pr1mo Northampton on Bank Holiday Monday, he won Heat 1, was third in Heat 2 and then took the Final. Sam Holland finished second in the final with Mark Edwards in third. Dave Leech won Heat 2.


Heat 1: 93 Nick Ross,10,330,133,928,565,118,745,88,303
Heat 2: 928 Dave Leech,565,93,88,133,5,45,11,118,303
Final: 93 Nick Ross,10 Sam Holland,45 Mark Edwards,11,565,88,280,745,60,928

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Added: 21 Aug 2014
Pr1mo Northampton Booking List 25/08/14

29 Hot rods are booked in to contest Round 13 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Pr1mo Northampton on Bank Holiday Monday.
With the current top 2 in the series, Sean O'Leary and Martin Codling not racing, this will give third placed Tommy Miller and fourth placed Chris Harvey an opportunity to close the gap. Racing starts at 1.30pm.

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Added: 19 Aug 2014
Mark Paffey now East Anglian Champion

Spedeworth have now upheld a black flag decision against Dale Atkins who originally won the 2014 East Anglian Championship at Great Yarmouth on 17/08/14. Mark Paffey has now been declared the East Anglian Champion with Luke Stonehouse in second and Chris Crane in third. Dale won Heat 1 with Gavin Botfield taking the second heat. Dale has been excluded from the result and his car is now up for sale!


Heat 1:88 Dale Atkins,75,60,280,31,11,566,310,133,543
Heat 2:303 Gavin Botfield,118,88,60,543,11,280,31,330,NOF
East Anglian Championship : 60 Mark Paffey,280 Luke Stonehouse,75 Chris Crane,303,543,566,133,11,330

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