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Fast, wheel-to-wheel racing action at an affordable cost – that’s what makes 2 Litre hot Rod racing so popular on the ovals of England and Northern Ireland. These space-framed cars run on control Hoosier tyres, and are confined to the Ford 2L Pinto engine, making them a cost effective way of getting the thrills that hot rod racing brings. Around £15,000 can put one of these machines on track, with close racing guaranteed at every meeting. The “2 Litres” have been around Spedeworth Raceways for some time, racing across the southern English raceways and in East Anglia, whilst 2009 has also seen the formula spread its’ wings to the Incarace promotion in the Midlands. The formula has also had a strong base in Northern Ireland for many years, with the best each country has to offer battling it out in the major championships each season.

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Added: 06 Nov 2017
Hoosier Grand Final Report

A total of 18 2 Litre Hot Rods made the trip to the Aldershot Raceway for the final round of their Hoosier tyre series. Sunday afternoon would see two drivers making debuts at the Rushmoor Arena including former outlaw hot rod racer Graham Jackson in 666, and continental racer Frank Nohring in car 116. The first race was started in the order of the series points with the new English champion and series winner George Turiccki 186 on pole position, alongside him the 310 car of Sean O'Leary. Damon Wellman lined up third in car number 8, with 35 Mitchell Souter of company. On the third row it was ex stock rod pilot Alan Thorndyke in 228 along with veteran 303 Gavin Botfield. At the start Turiccki made full use of his pole position to lead into the first corner as Wellman got the jump on O’Leary for second, and Botfield was able to leapfrog Thorndyke on the next bend for 5th. Turiccki may have already won the series but it was clear he was still going for it locking up the brakes as he came through the Aldershot turn on lap 3. Botfield’s car certainly looked well dialled into the raceway as he past Souter for 4th and then O’Leary for third. It soon became apparent all was not well with O’Leary’s car, and it wasn’t long before he started dropping down the order and retired later. In the closing stages Botfield had caught Wellman in the race for second place but couldn’t find a way past. After what has been a very consistent season for the English Champion, George Turiccki ran out the winner performing a massive drift off both the bends in celebration! Damon Wellman’s second place was enough to nick Sean O’Leary for second place in the overall standings. Botfield took third place.

For the last two races the cars were started in their usual graded order, with 69 James Forrest the sole white grader starting up front. Forrest lead from the start while behind in the yellow grade Scott Morgan 146 was off to a flying start leapfrogging both 328 Michael Mills and 228 Thorndyke for second. Morgan’s car was absolutely flying out there and it wasn’t long before he found himself in the lead as Thorndyke got past Mills and then Forrest for second. Further back though there was trouble for Luke Stonehouse in 280, as he rammed into O’Leary on the pits bend and then taking out 11 Alex Crane on the Aldershot bend in one lap! Meanwhile having had a spell in the national hot rods earlier this year, 29 Duane Peacock got past Mills for third place. Number 8 Damon Wellman was up to 4th place, but suddenly the car just died on him with a lap to go! 146 Scott Morgan took the win from Thorndyke in second place, proving once again that the old Nova still has the pace! 29 Peacock was third, and the German racer Frank Nohring in 116 drove well to finish in 10th place after all the mayhem.

After starting at the back for the last two races, 666 Graham Jackson had the luxury of starting up front along with James Forrest for the final. The two were locked in combat on the opening lap with Jackson muscling his way past at the end as Forrest suddenly lost power and retired on the following lap. Despite having a few minor niggles with the car Jackson was setting a good pace up front leading most of the way. He was soon caught however by the 146 car of Morgan. There was a great battle between them until what looked like a misjudged/timed blocking manoeuvre sent Jackson into a 180 on the Aldershot bend! But despite this little excursion Jackson would continue to finish in 10th spot. In the closing stages 303 Gavin Botfield was carving his way through the field moving up to second place, but by then he’d run out of laps to catch and pass Morgan before the chequered flag! Morgan took the win with Botfield second and Thorndyke in third. But the man of the day was 186 George Turiccki as he won the 2 Litre Hot Rods Hoosier tyre series for 2017!
Thanks to Tom for the report and Hoosier for sponsoring the series.

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Added: 31 Oct 2017
Hoosier Grand Final Results

Aldershot 29/10/17


Final - 186 George Turiccki,8 Damon Wellman,303 Gavin Botfield,35,30,133,146,280,228,29.
Heat 1 - 146 Scott Morgan,228,29,303,133,186,35,328,666, 116.
Heat 2 - 146 Scott Morgan,303,228,280,186,29,11,133,35,666.

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Added: 02 Oct 2017
George Turiccki is the English Champion

George Turiccki won the English Championship in fine style at Northampton on 30/09/17.
Heat 1 took place in dry conditions, I got spun by someone pushing in the pack on lap 1 into the wall, then after a couple of laps Alan Thorndyke was spun causing a stoppage. Mitch Souter was leading at this stage, after the restart there was a good battle for the lead between Mitch, Alex Crane and Paul Wright, with Paul taking the win.
David Leech took Heat 2 (sorry I did not see this race as I was in the pits repairing damage. Thanks to Deane Wood for getting a marshall to weld my throttle pedal)
It was now raining as the Grid was formed for the English Championship. Paul wright was on pole with George Turiccki on his outside. The race started in greasy conditions with the track improving as the race continued. George took the lead and a convincing win in difficult conditions with Paul second and David Leech third.


Heat 1: 43 Paul Wright,11,35,30,745,192,186,146,602,2
Heat 2: 928 David Leech,29,8,14,186,303,2,543,43,602
English Championship: 186 George Turiccki,43 Paul Wright,928 David Leech,30,11,8,303,543,14,29

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Added: 28 Sep 2017
English Championship Booking List

28 Hot Rods are currently booked in to contest the 2017 English Championship at Northampton on 30/09/17. Paul Wright will defend the title against a very good field of Hot Rods. With National Hot Rods also racing, this is a meeting not to miss, the racing starts at 6pm.

2 Ryan Morgan
5 Marc Gould
8 Damon Wellman
11 Alex Crane
14 Lee Carlin
29 Duane Peacock
30 Martin Codling
43 Paul Wright
69 James Forrest
92 Lee Rudge
93 Nick Ross
100 Paul Newark
146 Scott Morgan
186 George Turiccki
192 Tony Moss
228 Alan Thorndyke
268 Niall Wood
275 Brett Collison
280 Luke Stonehouse
303 Gavin Botfield
310 Sean O'Leary
328 Michael Mills
483 Sarah Cooper
543 Tommy Miller
602 Dale Fewings
666 Graham Jackson
745 Daniel Bennett
928 David Leech

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Added: 25 Sep 2017
Paul Wright takes Hoosier Round 11


Heat 1 - 268 Niall Wood, 310, 328, 745, 186, 192, 43, 35, 303, 29.
Heat 2 - 192 Tony Moss, 310, 43, 745, 303, 543, 186, 875, 275, 228.
Final - 43 Paul Wright, 186 George Turiccki, 310 Sean O'Leary, 745, 303, 192, 543, 30, 29, 8.

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