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2LitreHotRod.com Needs YOU!

I know what your thinking, “Me? How Can I help?” Well here is the good news, there is a number of different ways you can help the site, without requiring a lot of effort.

We are always on the look out for more contributors, whether you’re an avid follower of the class that attends every meeting, a casual fan of the class that attends when they are local to you, or you just happen to see them from time to time when your watching something else, everyone’s contributions are welcome. We are looking for reports, news, gossip, action photos, pit photos, new car photos, anything that is 2Litre related, we want to hear from you and get it onto the site.

The sport couldn’t be what it is without the drivers, you guys spent a lot of money and time on putting on the show that we go and watch, “what more do you want from us?” I hear you ask, well that’s a simple one, next time your getting a car signwritten, please spare a thought for the website and stick the web address on the car, it provides vital promotion for the website, which in turn is doing it’s best to promote your class, and so everyone wins.
Perhaps you’d like to do a little more, I’d be interested to hear from anyone who would be interested in writing a blog similar to Mikey Godfrey’s Blog on Nationalhotrod.com

Business Owners
There is always ways in which we could make use of extra sponsorship money, whether it would be to put up a tyre or a cash prize in a meeting, or two help with covering the costs of stickers or other promotional materials, it cannot be done with no money in the kitty.
If you have a business that could benefit from advertising on 2LitreHotRod.com please contact us and we’ll see if we can work out a deal, whether it be for cash sponsorship or product.
Perhaps your thinking of sponsoring a meeting or a series for the 2Litre Hot Rods, had you thought of adding our web address to the title? The XYZ Motorsport/ 2LitreHotrod.com Series for example? It won’t cost you any more or any less, but it helps us out with coverage.


There is simple things that everyone can do to help, simply spread the word, like us on facebook, share our news articles, maybe even tweet #2litrehotrod.com and try and get us trending.
Give us your feedback and comments, if you like something then tell everyone, if you don’t like something then tell us and we’ll look into it.






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