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Fast, wheel-to-wheel racing action at an affordable cost – that’s what makes 2 Litre hot Rod racing so popular on the ovals of England and Northern Ireland. These space-framed cars run on control Hoosier tyres, and are confined to the Ford 2L Pinto engine, making them a cost effective way of getting the thrills that hot rod racing brings. Around £15,000 can put one of these machines on track, with close racing guaranteed at every meeting. The “2 Litres” have been around Spedeworth Raceways for some time, racing across the southern English raceways and in East Anglia, whilst 2009 has also seen the formula spread its’ wings to the Incarace promotion in the Midlands. The formula has also had a strong base in Northern Ireland for many years, with the best each country has to offer battling it out in the major championships each season.

Ipswich 27/06/15


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Added: 29 Sep 2016
Hoosier R13 Northampton 02/10/16

An excellent entry of 24 Hot Rods are currently booked in to contest Round 13 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Northampton on 02/10/16. Martin Codling leads the series with 257 points, with Lewis Shelley second on 243 and Dan Smith third with 237. The action starts at 1.30pm.

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Added: 22 Sep 2016
George Turiccki takes Southern

George Turiccki takes Southern Championship on a fast and dry track at Eastbourne on 21/09/16. George also won Heat 1 with Gavin Botfield taking Heat 2.



Heat 1: 186 George Turiccki,8,330,98,75,565,146,30,303,275
Heat 2: 303 Gavin Botfield,30,29,146,565,75,745,118,186,98
Southern Championship 186 George Turiccki,303 Gavin Botfield,565 Dan Smith,75,146,8,29,745,310,35,275

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Added: 20 Sep 2016
Southern Championship 21/09/16

There is a good entry of 17 Hot Rods booked in to contest the Southern Championship at Arlington on 21/09/16. The action starts at 7.15 pm.

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Added: 13 Sep 2016
Dan Bennett takes Hoosier R12 Aldershot

The 2 Litre Hot Rods put on a great show yesterday in round 12 of the Hoosier Tyre series where 745 Dan Bennett was the man of the moment. Backing up the success he had here 14 months ago scoring a heat and final double with 98 Richard Poulter winning the opening race. As promised 18 cars showed up including a visiting driver from Holland in car 24, and 999 Pat Casey from the Republic of Ireland. The first race started off with 69 James Forrest and 328 Michael Mills banging door panels with Mills taking the lead at the end of lap two. Forrest's car looked rather unbalanced as he spun round 360 degrees on the next lap dropping him to last. Car 98 Richard Poulter made his way past the 566 car of Marc Crome to take second place, before setting about closing down Mills. 745 Dan Bennett had moved up to 4th place ahead of Robert Gamble having a good run car 133. Further back 186 George Turiccki was trying to pass Brett Collison in 275, and as they ran wide 565 Dan Smith was able to move past both of them in a three abreast move on the pits bend. Car 66 the Ex National Hot Rod racer Martin Heath was having a good run in his gorgeous new Peugeot before losing out in the second half. Meanwhile Poulter had caught up with race leader Mills. Taking a wide line on the Aldershot turn in an attempt to get a good exit, he tried to get alongside as they came down the home straight. Mills just managed to cut him off before sliding out wide on the exit allowing Poulter to sweep past. In the closing stages Bennett and Gamble took second and third off Mills, as Poulter ran out the winner. However Bennett was docked two places for contact during the course of the race, dropping him to 4th.

The Start of the second heat saw Mills take an early lead as James Forrest's woes continued with mechanical issues putting him out after just one lap. Mills then proceeded to open out a substantial lead with 566 Marc Crome in second place, but 745 Dan Bennett was a man on a mission wasting no time in getting past on lap 9. 186 George Turiccki was making good progress from towards the back, as was Dan Smith in 565. 133 Robert Gamble was having another good run moving up to third place, but up front Bennett was rapidly closing in on Mills. In the closing stages he caught up with the 328 car and with 2 laps to go he made his move! It looked easy! Bennett thus ran out the winner with Mills second and Gamble third just ahead of the hard charging Turiccki.

The grid for the final saw the drivers start in the order of points they scored in the heat races. Bennett was on pole ahead of Gamble, Mills and Poulter were on the second row with the two star men Smith and Turiccki on row three. At the start Smith got a flyer but he couldn't quite capitalize on it as Bennett lead them through the pits bend for the first time. Gamble and Mills made contact on the Aldershot turn as Gamble slotted into second place. Smith and Turiccki were already making use of their grid positions, making their way through into second and third positions by lap six. At the front Bennett just seemed to be controlling the pace and was able to hold a gap over Smith who had the 186 car breathing down his neck. Turiccki seemed to have the faster car, but the experienced Dan Smith would keep him at bay all the way to the chequered flag. But it was victory for 745 Dan Bennett backing up the success he had here 14 mouths ago. It may not have been a hatrick this time, but still a brilliant performance. 565 Dan Smith and 186 George Turiccki were second and third to round off a great day's racing
Report thanks to Tom O'Callaghan


Heat 1:98 Richard Poulter,133,328,745,565,75,303,186,566,330.
Heat 2:745 Daniel Bennett,328,133,186,565,303,75,98,330,30.
Final: 745 Daniel Bennett,565 Daniel Smith,186 George Turiccki,303,133,75,98,30,330,118.

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Added: 08 Sep 2016
Hoosier R12 Booking List Aldershot 11/09

This weekend the 2 Litre Hot Rods make their return to Aldershot for round 12 of the Hoosier Tyre series. Number 30 Martin Codling is currently leading the series after a heat and final victory at Eastbourne last time out. His closest rivals 118 Lewis Shelley and 330 Tyler Wilkin will be snapping at his heels, though it won’t be easy as Aldershot is a circuit which tends to favour more of the novice drivers! 16 cars are currently booked in, which is encouraging to see. One of which includes 999 Pat Casey visiting from the republic of Ireland. Others include the new English Champion Paul Wright in car 43, the return of Marc Crome in 566, the world champion Dan Smith in 565, and the winner of the Dutch open last weekend Chris Crane in car 75.

30 Martin Codling
66 Martin Heath
69 James Forrest
75 Chris Crane
98 Richard Poulter
118 Lewis Shelley
186 George Turiccki
268 Niall Wood
275 Brett Collison
303 Gavin Botfield
310 Sean O'Leary
330 Tyler Wilkin
565 Daniel Smith
566 Marc Crome
745 Daniel Bennett
999 Pat Casey

Thanks to Tom O'Callaghan

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