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Fast, wheel-to-wheel racing action at an affordable cost – that’s what makes 2 Litre hot Rod racing so popular on the ovals of England and Northern Ireland. These space-framed cars run on control Hoosier tyres, and are confined to the Ford 2L Pinto engine, making them a cost effective way of getting the thrills that hot rod racing brings. Around £15,000 can put one of these machines on track, with close racing guaranteed at every meeting. The “2 Litres” have been around Spedeworth Raceways for some time, racing across the southern English raceways and in East Anglia, whilst 2009 has also seen the formula spread its’ wings to the Incarace promotion in the Midlands. The formula has also had a strong base in Northern Ireland for many years, with the best each country has to offer battling it out in the major championships each season.

2017 World Final & DMC Speedweekend


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Added: 15 Aug 2017
Hoosier R9 Yarmouth 13/08/17


Results Hoosier Tire Series Round 9 Yarmouth 13/08/17
Heat 1 - 30 Martin Codling, 543, 566, 303, 35, 192, 186, 39, NOF.
Heat 2 - 543 Tommy Miller, 30, 35, 8, 186, 303, 192, 39, NOF.
Final - 30 Martin Codling, 35 Mitch Souter, 303 Gavin Botfield, 186, 8, 39, 192, 566, NOF.

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Added: 27 Jul 2017
Alexander's Double Delight at DMC

The 2.0 Hot Rods World Championship took centre stage at the DMC Speedweekend over the 22nd and 23rd of July with the Heats at Aghadowey Oval on the Saturday night and the final on the Sunday at Tullyroan Oval, the first time the World final had been split over 2 venues since the class changed from 1600 Hot Rods to 2.0 Hot Rods I believe.

It was Feargal McNally who drew first blood with a win in the opening heat at Aghadowey having started on the front row. It had been a caged affair that took place on a wet but drying track without a lot of over taking. The main talking point from the opening heat was a non finish for one of the pre meeting favourites, Wayne Woolsey who pulled out when running well up the order.

What heat one lacked in drama heat two certainly made up for. Joel Richardson started on pole and looked like he would drive off into the distance, but that wasn’t to be when he pulled onto the infield mid race presumably with mechanical failure, that left fellow local favourite Stephen Emerson in the lead while a pack including Wayne Woolsey, George Turiccki, Dave Leech and Glenn Bell battled for second, the battle was to become more significant with 2 laps to go when Stephen Emerson’s car died on the pit bend, Emerson had just lapped Brian Cherry who seemed unsure as to whether to unlap himself and the battle for second got caught up behind them with Glenn Bell the quickest to react passing four cars (including Cherry) in what was possibly the move of the weekend to go through from fourth to the lead, taking the win a lap later. It was a tough race for fancied runners with Emerson recording a DNF, Richardson recording a DNF and Wully Hardie recorded a DNF and was then loaded for the weekend following an incident with Gavin Botfield.

With a lot of fancied runners having run into trouble in the opening two heats it was already starting to look like two finishes would get you well up the grid and pole would most likely go to whichever of Glenn Bell or Feargal McNally could finish furthest up in the third heat. Brian Cherry made it three out of three for the local drivers in the heats while chaos reigned further down the field and a last bend crash caught Stephen Emerson, Dale Fewings, Ryan McClure, Nick Ross, Lee Carlin to name a few. Bell had got the better of the finishes collecting a few black crosses on his way but the dockings weren’t enough to cost him pole ahead of McNally.

With the action moved on to Tullyroan the weather had changed from dark rain clouds all around that had been at Aghadowey to blue skies and Sunshine at Tullyroan.

Bell and McNally shared the front row of the grid with Alexander and Sean Dynes on row 2, Brian Cherry and Dave Leech on row 3 while further back Wayne Woolsey started inside row either and Joel Richardson was quite a few rows further back still.

Lee Carlin was the first casualty of the world when he pulled out on the rolling lap. From the off Bell took the lead while the outside line struggled to get across, as the race settled down Bell led with Alexander second followed by Cherry, Turiccki and Leech while Wayne Woolsey had made his way up to sixth within the opening laps. In the laps that followed Woolsey made his way up to third before a race caution period for George Turiccki who had retired on the outside of turns one and two. Bell led on the restart with Alexander second and backmarker Jock Campbell between himself and third place Woolsey. Within a few laps Woolsey was by both Campbell and Alexander and was now chasing down Bell. Over the next few laps the lead pair broke away from the Alexander until Woolsey started to challenge for the lead which slowed the pair up and brought Alexander and then Leech back up with them. Just over ten laps from home Woolsey made the move that would determine the outcome of the race, getting up the inside of Bell on the run into turn one but making contact with the number 9 machine and picking up a black cross in doing so, the move left Bell on the outside where he dropped to fourth behind Alexander and Leech. Woolsey pulled away throughout the remainder and crossed the line first only to be docked two places, Alexander fended off the challenge from Leech for second to claim the win and become Scotland’s first Hot Rod World Champion with Leech across the line third getting promoted to second and Bell fourth.

In the revenge race there was a win for Allen Cherry before Alexander also claimed the Irish Open title leading home Bell and Ryan McClure


Aghadowey Oval 22/7/17
2.0 Hot Rods - Clive Richardson Ltd 2017 World Championship Qualifying
Heat One: 988 Feargal McNally, 984, 435, 959, 71, 941, 8, 11, 976, 928.
Heat Two: 9 Glenn Bell, 950, 928, 186, 14, 280, 262, 34, 93, 8.
Heat Three: 55 Brian Cherry, 303, 943, 668, 71, 9, 262, 988, 186, 914.

Tullyroan Oval 23/7/17
2.0 Hot Rods - Clive Richardson Ltd 2017 World Championship
World Championship Final: 71 Gordon Alexander, 928 Dave Leech, 950 Wayne Woolsey, 9, 988, 8, 303, 55, 941, 943. Result provisional pending appeal.
World Revenge: 914 Allen Cherry, 941, 280, 11, 93, 9, 71, 63, 303, 435.
Irish Open Championship Final: 71 Gordon Alexander, 9 Glenn Bell, 941 Ryan McClure, 928, 914, 93, 435, 63, 262.

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Added: 27 Jul 2017
Hoosier R8 Northampton 30/07/17

24 Hot Rods are currently booked in to contest Round 8 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Northampton on 30/07/17. Damon Wellman leads the series on 172 points from Alan Thorndyke on 166 points and George Turiccki on 161 points. The action starts at 1.30 pm.

5 Marc Gould
11 Alex Crane
14 Lee Carlin
30 Martin Codling
35 Mitch Souter
39 Glen Woodbridge
43 Paul Wright
93 Nick Ross
118 Lewis Shelley
146 Scott Morgan
151 Robert Ashman
186 George Turiccki
192 Tony Moss
227 Phil Ferreira
303 Gavin Botfield
310 Sean O'Leary
330 Tyler Wilkin
356 Paul Thomas
483 Sarah Cooper
543 Tommy Miller
566 Marc Crome
745 Daniel Bennett
926 Jason Leech
928 David Leech

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Added: 20 Jul 2017
2.0 Hot Rod Roof Grade Changes

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to announce that effective from the 1st August 2017 2.0 Hot Rod grades are to be displayed via the car roof fins and not the roof itself.

The fins must be as follows:-

• Black numbers on White background
• Black numbers on Yellow background
• White numbers on Dark Blue background
• White numbers on Red background

The rear of the fin plate must be plain and white in colour.

The roof of a car cannot have a championship status unless the driver is the reigning champion and a roof colour has been designated to that championship e.g. Gold Roof denotes World Champion. No sign writing is permitted on the roof of the car displaying previous championship history which is no longer current e.g. the 2015 National Champion cannot display the fact of this in 2017.

It is hoped that this rule change will make it easier and more cost effective for drivers to alter their grade each month throughout the year.

Thank you.

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Added: 19 Jul 2017
World Championship Booking List

Good luck to all the drivers contesting the World Championship in Northern Ireland this weekend.

8 Damon Wellman
9 Glenn Bell
11 Alex Crane
14 Lee Carlin
26 Jock Campbell
34 Thomas Morrison
55 Brian Cherry
58 Alex Wilson
63 Jackie Christie
71 Gordon Alexander
72 William Hardie
91 Aaron Beattie
93 Nick Ross
133 Robert Gamble
147 Gerry Hendry
186 George Turiccki
228 Alan Thorndyke
262 Aidan Hallahan
280 Luke Stonehouse
303 Gavin Botfield
435 Paddy Curran
515 Gavin Pike
602 Dale Fewings
668 Kevin Stewart
914 Allen Cherry
923 Stephen Emerson
928 David Leech
941 Ryan McClure
943 Jason Devlin
950 Wayne Woolsey
959 Adam Best
961 Tom Casey
976 Joel Richardson
984 Sean Dynes
988 Feargal McNally
999 Pat Casey

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