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Fast, wheel-to-wheel racing action at an affordable cost – that’s what makes 2 Litre hot Rod racing so popular on the ovals of England and Northern Ireland. These space-framed cars run on control Hoosier tyres, and are confined to the Ford 2L Pinto engine, making them a cost effective way of getting the thrills that hot rod racing brings. Around £15,000 can put one of these machines on track, with close racing guaranteed at every meeting. The “2 Litres” have been around Spedeworth Raceways for some time, racing across the southern English raceways and in East Anglia, whilst 2009 has also seen the formula spread its’ wings to the Incarace promotion in the Midlands. The formula has also had a strong base in Northern Ireland for many years, with the best each country has to offer battling it out in the major championships each season.

Ipswich 27/06/15


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Latest News

Added: 05 Oct 2015
Gavin Botfield is 2015 National Champion

Gavin Botfield won the 2015 National Championship in Holland on 03/10/2015. Charlie Jowers took second with Dan Smith in third.

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Added: 17 Sep 2015
Damo is 2015 Southern Champion

The 2015 Southern Championship and Round 15 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series took place at Arlington on 16/09/15. Despite heavy rain all day in Eastbourne, the weather was kind to us, there was a shower during practice then it was dry for the rest of the evening.
Heat 1 took place on a wet greasy track, there was a good battle between Damon Wellman and George Turiccki for the lead, with Damon getting to the flag first. There was more grip on the track for Heat 2 which was won by Daniel Bennett.
The Southern Championship took place on much drier track, Damon Wellman took the title, with Gavin Botfield in second and Dan Smith third.


Heat 1:8 Damon Wellman,186,303,310,330,39,745,565,60,29
Heat 2:745 Daniel Bennett,565,60,39,303,330,310,30,186,8
Southern Championship:8 Damon Wellman,303 Gavin Botfield,565 Dan Smith,186,39,745,60,30,310,29

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Added: 15 Sep 2015
Southern Championship Booking List

13 Hot Rods are currently booked in to contest the Southern Championship and Round 15 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Arlington on 16/09/2015. Included in the entry list is racing steward Gavin returning from his month's ban which amused all the drivers at the last driver's briefing he held!
The Hoosier Series is being lead by Daniel Bennett on 332 points, with Damon Wellman on 307 and Tyler Wilkin on 253.
The racing starts at 7.30pm, let's hope it stops raining!

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Added: 14 Sep 2015
Dan Bennett takes Hoosier R14 Ipswich

Only 14 drivers turned up to contest Round 14 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Ipswich on 12/09/15. In dry sunny conditions Paul Wright crossed the line first in Heat 1 with a good drive from the back, however he was docked 2 places for contact on Lewis Shelley despite Lewis informing the steward that he went wide and there was no contact! Lewis inherited the win. Paul took Heat 2 with another fast drive.
The leaders in the final seem to all have problems, first John Payne blew up while in the lead, then Lewis Shelley took over, then blew up in spectacular style causing a caution with about 10 laps to go. Paul Wright was now at the lead of the pack with me behind, on the restart Paul's battery failed and pulled off, I took the lead, my car had got hot during the caution so was not at full power so Sean O'leary took over the lead. George Turiccki was now in second and putting Sean under pressure which resulted in contact and Sean spinning. George took the flag but was docked 2 places leaving Daniel Bennett to take the win with Dan Smith in second and George third with only 7 cars finishing.


Heat 1:118 Lewis Shelley,338,43,275,310,745,565,30,446,69
Heat 2:43 Paul Wright,338,310,118,30,745,275,8,186,565
Final:745 Daniel Bennett,565 Dan Smith,186 George Turiccki,30,275,446,69,NOF

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Added: 10 Sep 2015
Hoosier R14 Booking List Ipswich 12/09

17 Hot Rods are booked in to contest Round 14 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series at Ipswich on 12/09/15.
The series is currently being lead by Daniel Bennett with Damon Wellman in second and Tyler Wilkin in third place.
The racing starts at 6.45pm.

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