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Fast, wheel-to-wheel racing action at an affordable cost – that’s what makes 2 Litre hot Rod racing so popular on the ovals of England and Northern Ireland. These space-framed cars run on control Hoosier tyres, and are confined to the Ford 2L Pinto engine, making them a cost effective way of getting the thrills that hot rod racing brings. Around £15,000 can put one of these machines on track, with close racing guaranteed at every meeting. The “2 Litres” have been around Spedeworth Raceways for some time, racing across the southern English raceways and in East Anglia, whilst 2009 has also seen the formula spread its’ wings to the Incarace promotion in the Midlands. The formula has also had a strong base in Northern Ireland for many years, with the best each country has to offer battling it out in the major championships each season.

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Added: 16 Aug 2018
Hoosier R13 Booking List Ipswich 18/08

Round 13 of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series takes place this Saturday 18/08/18 at Ipswich. Only 14 drivers booked in so far probably due to the holiday season. Welcome to Pat Kiely who joins us from Arena. Also a new name to the formula Chris Rabbitt. Racing starts at 6.45pm.
2 Ryan Morgan
38 Mark Constable
43 Paul Wright
58 Ben Murray
66 Martin Heath
68 Chris Rabbitt
77 Samuel Owen
133 Robert Gamble
156 Pat Kiely
222 Ayrton Mills
228 Alan Thorndyke
275 Brett Collison
303 Gavin Botfield
339 Ben Furness

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Added: 16 Jul 2018
European Championship Report by Tom

An immense 40 car field featuring drivers from across four nations showed up to contest the European Championship at Ipswich Spedeweekend 2018. The first race started off with two drivers who we so often see up at the sharp end of the grid with Irishman Adam Best in 959 and Englishman Paul Wright in car 43 battling it out for the lead with Best just holding on for the win. Wright was a close second with Jamie Bowring finishing a solid third in car 313. Coming in 4th place was Dan Bennett in car 745 for England and despite his lack of knowledge with the track, continental racer Gerton Boes 333 drove well to finish 5th for Holland. Northern Irishmen 54 Adam Hylands and number 9 Glenn Bell had a good race long battle finishing 6th and 7th, with the National champion from Scotland Wully Hardie 72 joining in towards the end in 8th. German driver Marcus Strob in 226 was 9th despite a spin, with Dutch driver Martin Vowinkel in 22 rounding out the top 10.

The second race was a bit more lively as Gavin Botfield 303 lead them away from pole whilst number 30 Martin Codling was an early casualty after a clash between Billy Bonnor 844 and number 8 Damon Wellman. In all the congestion Bennett hit the stationery Codling car putting him into retirement as well. At the front Botfield was still leading with Wellman, Bonnor and 186 George Turiccki giving chase. Bonnor was pushing Wellman very hard but the top three were slowed up up by a backmarker and Turiccki ran into the back of Bonnor’s car causing him to spin out onto the speedway. At this point the Scottsman Gordon Alexander in car 71 and number 11 Alex Crane were moving into the equation with 72 Hardie and 54 Hylands not far behind either. Botfield was still holding onto his lead with Wellmon hot on his heals but with hit by Turiccki sending him out wide giving Turiccki a run up the inside! Wellman just held him off before George dive-bombed him on the back-straight 2 laps later costing them time and places. Alexander there for inherited second place with Crane and Hardie up into 3rd and 4th. And that’s how they remained to the flag with 303 Gavin Botfield running out the winner. Turiccki was excluded from the results for his rash tactics promoting Hylands to 5th and Irishman Ryan McClure to 6th in 941. 35 Mitchell Souter was 7th, Lee Carlin was in 8th racing under the number 36 for this weekend, with Dutchman Rik vad Linden 18 and 280 Luke Stonehouse rounding out the top 10.

For the European championship it was 54 Adam Hylands on pole thanks to his consistency during the heats, with 72 Wully Hardie alongside him on the front row. 43 Paul Wright was third ahead of the earlier winner 959 Adam Best, with 71 Gordon Alexander and 941 Ryan McClure 5th and 6th. However, it took three attempts to get the big race underway. The first start was stopped due to an accident on the homestretch and the second due to a massive roll over for 959 Adam Best thanks to a collision with Alexander. The Scott was also involved in an incident with Hardie on the back-straight which would result in a disqualification after the race. The race was restarted in lap sheet order with Hylands leading the way from Wright and McClure in an excellent third. Alexander was 4th with Bell in 5th, despite having to cope with a loose engine bonnet on his car! McClure was do a great job up front racing against the best but couldn’t hold off the world champion for long as Alexander soon got past him to take third place a few laps later. McClure now started to come under pressure from Bell and after getting caught up in traffic Bell made his move on the back-straight. They were side by side for a lap, but McClure just managed to claw it back round the outside before he was then hit from behind and sent spinning in front of Morgan and Botfield allowing Carlin to take advantage and move through into 5th place! Up front meanwhile the race was on for the lead as Hylands had been caught by Paul Wright who was really starting to apply the pressure! As they raced into the closing stages Wright tried everything he could, but Hylands held on to win the European Championship after a brilliantly driven race. Wright had to be content with second place this time round, and with the exclusions of Alexander and Bell, it was Lee Carlin who took third in 36 with 303 Gavin Botfield in 4th. Number 11 Alex Crane was 5th with Irishman Stuart Cochrane setting the fastest lap on his way to 6th place. 133 Robert Gamble was 7th with the unfortunate McClure in 8th. Bonnor battled his way up from the back to finish 9th with 280 Luke Stonehouse in tenth.

Despite not having any luck on Saturday Bonnor made amends in the all comers race on Sunday as he went on the win with 228 Alan Thorndyke in second place and 29 Duane Peacock in third. In all a great weekends racing from the 2 Litres. Well done to all the drivers and their respective teams who took part. Congratulations to the new European Champion for 2018, it is 54 Adam Hylands!

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Added: 09 Jul 2018
Adam Hylands is 2018 European Champion


Heat 1 - 959 Adam Best, 43, 313, 745, 333, 54, 9, 72, 226, 22.

Heat 2 - 303 Gavin Botfield, 71, 11, 72, 54, 941, 35, 36, 18, 280.

European Championship - 54 Adam Hylands, 43 Paul Wright, 36 Lee Carlin, 303, 11, 979, 133, 941, 844, 280.

All Comers - 844 Billy Bonnar, 228, 29, 2, 979, 146, 58, 133, 43, 22.

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Added: 02 Jul 2018
European Championship Qualifiers

European Championship Qualifiers for Spedeweekend Ipswich 7th & 8th July. Good luck to all drivers.

2 Ryan Morgan
5 Marc Gould
8 Damon Wellman
9 Glenn Bell
11 Alex Crane
14 Lee Carlin
18 Rik Vd Linden
22 Martijn Vowinkel
29 Duane Peacock
30 Martin Codling
35 Mitchell Souter
38 Mark Constable
43 Paul Wright
51 Niklas Klaka
54 Adam Hylands
55 Brian Cherry
58 Ben Murray
71 Gordon Alexander
72 Wully Hardie
133 Robert Gamble
146 Scott Morgan
151 Robert Ashman
162 Ian Riordan
186 George Turiccki
192 Tony Moss
212 Jeroen Laurijssen
217 Andrew Denholm
226 Marcus Storb
228 Alan Thorndyke
280 Luke Stonehouse
303 Gavin Botfield
313 Jamie Bowring
333 Gerton Boes
543 Tommy Miller
668 Kevin Stewart
745 Daniel Bennett
844 Billy Bonnar
928 David Leech
959 Adam Best
979 Stuart Cochrane

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Added: 21 Jun 2018
Hoosier R10 Results Eastbourne 20/06/18


Heat 1: 745 Daniel Bennett,58,328,35,146,186,313,303,38,29
Heat 2: 313 Jamie Bowring,745,186,303,146,58,38,228,9,29
Final: 745 Daniel Bennett,58 Ben Murray,186 George Turiccki,303,313,146,35,228,38,184

Well done to Ben Murray and Mark Constable who took the last chance places for the European Championship.

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